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”Let Me Tell You a Story”
"Once upon a time, there was a princess locked in a tower. The evil witch kept her away and ordered her minion monsters to keep the humans away. All travelers who were brave or foolish enough to go on a rescue, had never returned or ever heard from again.
Until one day, a mighty hero with a magical sword came and bravely annihilated all the beasts and their mistress, then he rescued the princess from the rusty chain of the broken tower. Evil forever perished from the kingdom, the knight married the lady, and they lived happily ever after… The end.”

And that is what most of us were told when we were kids, as bedtime stories, or in literature sessions. But alas, the concept of good and bad has never been a distinct black and white difference.
The simple yet brilliant visual novel/gardening clicker, A HERO AND A GARDEN, perfectly interprets that ideal, while also giving meaningful messages about forgiveness, empathy, and letting go of your past.

- Distinctive and cute art style with pastel colors.
- Simplified yet wholesome and meaningful lessons of various concepts.
- Skippable text if you have encountered it.
- Relaxing background music with lo-fi remixes.
- Endless mode to run in the background with music on.
- Easy achievement hunting.
- Linear progress with no choices to make.
- The whole experience is still too short, even more so compared to npckc's previous title.

📖The story began…
… With the young knight, Cyrus, comingto rescue the princess from the tower. Wielding a magical sword, he wreaked havoc on the monsters and their settlements on his path. Suddenly, the witch struck him with a magical bolt, rendering the lad invulnerable.
After waking up from the coma, he found himself bound to a curse that wouldn’t allow him to return to his kingdom. Now, he is forced to work for the so-called “evil” witch and her “dangerous” minions by picking up enchanted berries and repairing the town for them, as it is the only way for him to lift the curse. However, he soon finds out that not everything is as it seems to be because not all monsters are evil, and some can be his new friend.

🌻The shy and weird-looking “monster”
A creature that refuses to talk to Cyrus every time she collects berries from him. AAfter hearing his monologues so many times, she finally opens up about not engaging in conversation, the reason why she’s shy around him. Ultimately, thanks to the mutual empathy the two give to each other, they become an unlikely but adorable couple of friends.
Undoubtedly, she’s the most relatable and favourite character of the bunch. Because it is indeed hard for us introverts to make friends when people make fun of our appearances or voices.
🥼The doctor or Horned Guy "monster"
A judgemental guy with horns who’s acting passive-aggressively towards Cyrus at first, which is understandable. But as the story progresses, he finds out that the lad was just naive and didn’t question what was told and bestowed on him by his father and their strict knighthood tradition. Soon, he forgives Cyrus despite his actions towards the townspeople. Just like how Peter Parker forgives Flint Marko in Spiderman 3, forgiveness is truly deserved for the desperate or naive people who are just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

🍆The beetroot-looking "monster"
Definitely the odder fellow out there. Excited and curious about Cyrus whenever he receives the ripped and delicious berries, he desperately wants to know the lad’s secret behind growing them. To his surprise, it was just the loving and caring intention of the gardener that magically nutriates the plants. He doesn’t take Cyrus’s destructive actions to heart, as the boy has helped more than the harm he caused, thanks to the happy berries. Their interactions were funny and wholesome, as they gave me some laughs here and then.

👸🏻The Princess
In contrary to what we were told about most princesses in fairy tales, this little lady wasn’t locked in a tower at all. Some girls just want to be themselves and not be restricted by the rules of a royal family, and this lass just happens to be like that. She may let go of her hurtful past, but she still appreciates the ones that loved her back then.

🍡The sweets-loving ginger catgirl “monster”
If only us humans would make gifts for each other after a fight to promise to be good in the future, something that the catgirl often does in her family, then the world would be a better place now for sure. Yet, we call them “monsters” and attack creatures who are just different than us.

While the casts here aren’t extensively developed as emotionally as ones from npckc’s previous title A YEAR OF SPRING, they can give you a meaningful time together nonetheless. As I see this version of the “white knight” fairy tale is far more consequential, relevant and memorable than the ones we were told in the past.
With all the weird but endearing interactions between Cyrus and the crew every now and then, I found myself more intrigued the more I engaged in dialogue with them, so as to collect as many berries as possible to make amend for my - or Cyrus’ - actions.
As expected from games made by npckc, relaxing music is always present in the entire experience, so leaving it running in the background while working, writing, or just chilling before sleeping are definitely great ideas. In addition, there are also lo-fi remixes of the songs available in Endless mode, where you can unlock collectables by letting Sooty the helper to collect berries by itself without your interference; this is a perfect setting for writing reviews, hence my unusually long playtime. Othewrwise, the game can be finished with all items collected in under four hours.

Final rating: 8/10
In honesty, A HERO AND A GARDEN should be the modern version of the good old fairy tale. More thoughtful and less one-sided is what we need in the world right now. When I got kids, I’ll tell them about Cyrus’ bizarre adventure before bedtime. I hope you will have a cozy and pleasant time with this adorable visual novel.

This game was generously provided for review purposes by the developer, npckc, via Summit Reviews. Grab a drink and enjoy some good reading.
Posted May 22. Last edited June 5.
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Me after I finished this gem:
"A YEAR OF SPRINGS will make a fine addition to my collection of transgender theme-focused games."
While this cutesy visual novel doesn’t provide any interesting or unique gameplay, like If Found which also features a trans protagonist, it surely makes up for it by introducing very well-developed characters that draw my attention really quick.
Although only a small fraction of the first and second chapters' situations are based on real-life events in Japan, the remaining instances and how the cast’s reactions are so realistic and believable that I don’t see them as fictional characters, but rather as individual human beings with backstories and emotions.

- Distinctive and cute artstyle with pastel colors.
- Multiple endings in each chapter.
- Player's choices matter.
- Accurate representations of gender identity and sexuality.
- In-game situations that mimic real-life problems for the minorities.
- Save/load features to re-wind and make another choice.
- Skippable text if you have already encountered it.
- Relaxing and calming background music.
- Fast and easy achievements hunting.
- The whole experience is too short (I want NEED to see more of these adorable characters)

Gameplay Let’s Just Read Everything
The main cast features a circle of friends which comprises three young women with their own experience and chapters. What I really love about the game is that you get to play as each of them in separate episodes, which allows you to see how the stories unfolded from their perspective based on choices you made, which ultimately lead to many different endings.

A shy but cute transgender woman who has trouble fitting in society because they keep telling her that she isn’t a woman but neither does she belong in the men’s world.
While the similarity between her and I ends at being trans, I still feel a lot of emotions and get a bit tearful when reading about her struggles in situations where I would be fine like any other woman (maybe except paperwork, that one is always the pain in the ass to deal with).
Ultimately, Haru’s stories help me cherish the things I got in the present that many trans women out there are still struggling to get and remind me about my troubling beginning just like hers, that shaped me into the person I am today.

Haru's best friend since childhood, prior to her transition; an energetic lady who spreads her positive aura and always appreciates Haru for who she really is.
While her story is the last we get to venture into, the tense realization she has when finding out that how she perceives "love" is uncommon, unlike her friends nor the general population, would certainly capture the hearts of a small portion of players out there.
Yes, that’s right, A YEAR OF SPRINGS also touches on other minorities too, probably even within the already small transgender community. I always respect well-developed LGBTIQ+ fictional characters, not just shoe-horning for the sake of soulless representation, and this hidden gem right here proves that people of different gender identities and sexualities are just as valid as everyone else.

Manami’s best friend in high school, a delinquent woman that doesn’t know much about gender identity or sexuality but she means well even if her wording is a bit… clumsy, which is okay, everyone starts out like that. It’s not like all of us are taught about this in official education anyway.
Her character development comes naturally in the second chapter, as she (or the player in this case) finally realizes that being trans is harder than she thinks while trying to hold a birthday party for Haru.

Thanks to their charming personalities, I find myself drawn into reading more than in any other game, as there isn’t much to do besides clicking on the screen to progress to the next text and making choices every now and then. In addition, there are also calming and catchy melodies that fit in different instances, like the emotional confession between Erika and Haru, or the memorable night when Manami realizes her sexuality.

There are also a few side characters, all of which you get to know if you make the right choice beforehand. Even if the conversations between the main cast and them are very short, the way they are handled and how they affect our trio’s experience proves that the world can be kind too.

In the end, this charming little visual novel plays out like reading a short book after a day of work with relaxing music in the background, which is perfect the way it is.
Although the total playtime is very short, the characters are undeniably memorable and a lot of players (including me) will find their experience very personal or even a reflection of themselves, rather than just fictional characters.
Final rating: 9/10
If you are looking for a game to get to know more about people with less-known sexuality and gender identity, particularly transgender folks, A YEAR OF SPRINGS will doubtlessly not disappoint you.

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Posted March 6. Last edited May 22.
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Not the Battlefield we need, but the Battlefield we deserve
In case anyone hasn’t realized yet, Clownfield 2042 (CF2042) is a direct parody of the highly anticipated but ultimately disappointing Battlefield 2042 (BF2042); as such, this game isn’t meant to be taken seriously. However, I do think CF2042 can be improved and introduce a few features to be a good title on its own. At the current state (Day 0 Update), this is just a simple arena-like shooter with no class whatsoever, so expect changes in the future.

- Price is cheaper than the average breakfast in Vietnam.
- Decent graphics.
- Accessible in-game scoreboard.
- Enjoyable and noob-friendly, perfect after a hard day of work.
- Only one actual playable mode at the moment.
- Very limited weaponry.
- Unbalanced weapons with ridiculous recoil.
- Bugged unobtainable achievements (at the moment).
- Mindless AI bots.
- A few unfair advantages or game-breaking bugs.
- Undrivable vehicles.
- Unclimbable ladders.
- Impenetrable fences.
- No prone position.
👾Bugs Features
🖥️Specs (Potato PC can still run this)
- Falling through the ground in City 2042 map.
- Exploited invisible barriers in The Island map.
- Seldom stuttering white texture on screen.
- Occasionally unable to aim after sprinting.
- i5-10400F
- GTX 1650S 4GB
- 1080p
- Win 11
- Consistent 60FPS unless played in "True Clownfield 2042 Experience".

Final rating: IT'S OVER 9000
Is this game worth it?
Yeah why not. After the bugged unobtainable achievements will have been fixed, this game would be easy for some achievements hunting.
My thoughts
Ways to improve with more replay value
These are only my objective suggestions, as I do enjoy the graphics and simple gameplay of CF2042, but I’d love to play it for more than a dozen hours as I did in Battlefield 4 (BF4).
  • Add more gameplay modes. There are only three modes (Team) Deathmatch and Domination available for now. Maybe add conquest with a total maximum of 32 players, larger maps, as the five accessible maps right now are very limited and have nothing new to provide after an hour or two.
  • Add class systems, but still keep the simple no-class arena shooter. This will attract more players and increase the gameplay element, e.g. people who are fond of the nameless class soldiers in BF4 will enjoy this, and it also adds to the team play aspect this game lacks. Also, old-time boomer players, like me,will have something we desperately need ever since Quake III Arena.
  • Add small-level environment destruction, but under a new name like Cleverlution or similar.
  • Balance out the guns’ power and recoil. Shotguns are OP at any range, can snipe better than a DMR-but-are-called-sniper-rifles SVD (lol what?).
  • More varieties of weaponry. Only six guns available isn’t enough and we all know it.
  • Clear indication of teammates on-screen and minimap. Because my sister and I don’t know which team we are on until we have to kill or be killed to see the color on our name.
  • Add customization for HUD.
  • Make vehicles drivable, or at least a mode for vehicles -♥♥♥♥♥♥- lovers.
  • Gradually bugs fixing, like falling through the ground, invisible barriers that people can abuse to camp and shoot out but no one can shoot back. Yes, I’m looking at you, sea campers in The Island map.
  • Actual AI bots, rather than practice dummy targets.
  • Add audio queues. Not the cringe voice lines in BF2042, but the yelling and chaotic atmosphere of BF4. I wouldn’t mind my comrades nicely asking me to get my balls out of my mom's purse when camping for too long.
  • Improve the various quality of life, like more interaction keys in the menu, reasonable flag points, better spawn area, clear firing projectiles, etc. What’s the point of instant spawning instead of waiting for five seconds, when both instances have spawn protection?
But beggars can’t be choosers
I know what I just listed is pretty overwhelming for the developer(s) and sounds greedy for its price. But this game has potential, and I’d love to see it shine and be something special to enjoy in the long run after an office day of work. I wouldn’t mind the dev(s) increasing the price if they plan to add more features and improve this product. Massive respect if only one person managed to pull this off just before New Year's Eve.

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Posted January 1. Last edited March 6.
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464.0 hrs on record (445.6 hrs at review time)
The last time I played the first installment of the Ghost Recon series was over a decade ago, so coming back to its successor felt naturally exciting. The differences between Wildlands and the original are vast. Thanks to that, I enjoy exploring the game more than I could ever hope for. This review will surely give you heaps of insight into the game, without a single spoiler.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Wildlands (GRW) is a PvE-focused military tactical FPS, where you assume the role of special forces operators, known as Ghosts, in a reactive and immense recreation of Bolivia to take down the savage drug organization known as the Santa Blanca Cartel.

- Massive playable areas.
- Diverse, detailed, and beautiful ecosystems with realistic weather conditions and day/night cycle.
- Lifelike NPCs with schedules and practical actions.
- Fully customizable Ghosts Squad.
- Military role-playing.
- Well-assorted weaponry and satisfying gunplay.
- Sandbox gameplay.
- Limitless replay value.
- Playable without internet connection.
- Accessible to casual, hardcore, and immersion-oriented players.
- Seamless (for the most part) and unrestricted co-op experience.
- Unmemorable, no-stakes story.
- Repetitive and predictable mission objectives.
- Inactive PvP.
- Seldomly unresponsive AI teammates.
- The lack of tactical elements like camouflage, corpses interaction, disguise.

In-depth Analysis
How Open World Should Be
GRW features 21 provinces inside eleven highly detailed and realistic ecosystems, making each visit to these areas feel like a whole new experience. From shallow swamps, open green lands, elevated forest valleys, lakes, waterfalls to snowy mountains. With the character creation available at any time, you can customize your whole squad - composed of Nomad (your playable Ghost leader), Midas, Holt, and Weaver (your AI teammates) - to alternate their appearances and fade into nature’s background. While most locations and the geography of the world are purely fictitious, a few recreated landscapes are based on their real-life counterparts, like the terrifyingly accurate Death Road, or the beautiful shallow salt lake Red Lagoon, and many more for you to explore.

Although made up, all other locations still feel believable enough to be indistinguishable from real life, with NPC civilians all having proper interactions with each other and the environments, like celebrating in costumes, playing football, or simply swiping the floor. Watching them react is fun and intriguing, which is something I rarely enjoy in any other games. Sincerely, I think this fictional version of Bolivia has become my new standard of how an open-world game should be.
Choose How to Operate
Since the world is reactive with weather conditions, day/night cycle, along with enemies and civilians acting accordingly to their set daily routines, you too can choose how to handle them and use the environments to your advantage. Almost all cartel thugs, even the Unidad - dirty government soldiers - sleep and eat at night (except during special operations), making them vulnerable to a stealthy operator. During nights, enemies are harder to see, and so are you. It'd be wise to scout out the whole area using a binocular or a drone. With night-vision goggles equipped, you'll be the unseen ghost, silently striking enemies' bases when they are at their weakest. And operating in the dark during a thunderstorm or mist? That’s when the immersion hits through the roof!

Or perhaps you’re just a casual player who wants to shoot bad guys and blow things up to have fun? Then, go loud, spray and pray with LMGs in broad daylight, when you can see everyone and become the spotlight for all guns pointing at you.

Be warned though, as carelessly acting like that is not favorable in higher difficulties like Extreme, aka simulation mode. And for any hardcore, masochistic players or Ghost Recon old-timers out there, Ghost Mode with permadeath is awaiting to challenge you. Always planning, strategically maneuvering, paying attention to your surroundings, and being precise with your bullets are the keys to enjoying GRW. Playing on Ghost Mode, Tier One (increase the challenge, earn exclusive rewards) with Extreme Difficulty, and limited HUD (Minimap, Ammo, and Items shown only) brings me back to the punishing experience of the original game.
Wide Variety of Guns to Choose and Love
GRW provides you with over a hundred firearms, with the option to carry one primary, one secondary, and one handgun, so choosing your favorite can be tough. Each gun is made distinct, not only on the model but also in the sound, both suppressed and unsuppressed. Bullet drop, recoil pattern, penetration power, and attachments contribute to that factor, too.

Gunplay is easy to learn for the most part, but hard to master if you, like me, prefer to use sniper rifles and attack from afar. Sniping over 500 meters and watching the enemies confusingly running and hiding behind cover is amusing, as they are clueless to find you since the gunshot source is too far away from them to know where to look. But if you shoot loudly about 150m close to them, they will hear, react to your shot and try to run towards the sound, so don’t camp and be on your toes.

That being said, sometimes they can magically spawn a vehicle to pursue you if you are too far away even though logically, they shouldn't know where you are, which ruins the immersion. Oddly, corpses disappear way too quickly, in under 30 seconds. The fact that you can't carry them around to hide or dump in a trash can where they belong to feels unpolished and lackluster in a AAA tactical shooter like GRW.
Jolly Cooperation
GRW allows you to co-op with your friends or resort to public matchmaking to find randoms, so you can role-play together or have some dumbass ruin your plan by not communicating and exposing your position. The best thing about the co-op is that no matter where you and your friends are, all players’ progress contributes to each other. This means you can operate on one side of the map, while another player is at an airport over 15km away, to steal a resource plane and fly to the finish point. All of the players in the match will receive the same rewards.

Check out my Fallen Ghost review for more details.

- Visual glitches and sound stuttering in cutscenes and in-game.
- Falling under the ground after exiting a helicopter in Co-op.
- Crashed rarely, only about five times in my total playtime.
- i5-10400F at 70°C
- GTX 1650S 4GB at 77°C
- 1080p
- Win 11
Graphics settings: very high preset with ultra shadow, bloom and motion blur off.
- Populated areas: 55 - 65FPS.
- Dense jungle areas: 40 - 62FPS.
- (Salt) Desert, mountains: 65 - 75FPS.

Final rating: 8.5/10
Overall, it’s a solid installment to the franchise. Without all the changes in this game compared to the original, I probably wouldn’t have had a memorable and immersive experience, with over hundreds of hours of role-playing as the Ghost and exploring this recreated Bolivia. Wait for the occasional sale, even if you intend to play as leisurely as I do.

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Posted December 31, 2021. Last edited March 6.
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0.0 hrs on record
The Fallen Ghosts DLC takes place after the Ghosts have completed Operation: Kingslayer (main game’s campaign) and are now returning to Bolivia to extract CIA assets that have been exposed to the ruthless mercenaries, ex-disgraced special forces called Los Extranjeros.

- Rain, thunderstorms, and misty weather nearly 24/7 make beautiful scenery and more immersive experience.
- New types of enemies.
- More serious and dark (literally) story, with no jokes, unlike the main game.
- Military-like background theme, similar to the original Ghost Recon.
- Classical music played in some missions (I personally love it).
- A handful of new guns.
- Decent amount of content, finished in 18 hours.
- One enemy type takes more than five headshots to be killed.
- All-new enemy types are ultimately downgraded due to their expected oblivious AI.
- Campaign takes place in already existing provinces in the top right corner of the map.
- Invisible wall to prevent you from leaving the playable area, but NPCs can still travel through.
- Your character from the base game cannot be used in the DLC. Creating a new one is forced, and unfortunately, they are already maxed out from the start, which eliminates any sense of progress.
- Not all unlockables like guns and Tier One rewards are available for this DLC, even if you have them in the base game.
- Uncustomizable AI teammates.
- Predictable mission objectives, mostly just "kill the enemies".
New Archetypes
However, their AIs don’t do anything new and are just as dull as in the base game, which makes them decline in quality and lower the intimidating aspect of the Los Extranjeros.
  1. Armored
    Big tough guys that are protected everywhere on their bodies except for the head (how dumb is that?!), and can only be damaged there. Yes, “damaged”, not one-shot through their bright yellow balaclava. From an undetected position, these guys take one shot to kill as expected, while if you're revealed they will take up to six before dying. That’s ridiculous in a tactical game such as Ghost Recon, known for requiring precisely one shot to an enemy's head to kill them immediately.
  2. Covert Ops
    These guys favor high-damage crossbows, use optical camouflage, and are nearly impossible to see right away… until you put on heat vision goggles. Tactically speaking, if they had moved more often rather than standing in the same spot, they would have posed a more serious threat.
  3. Elite Sniper
    These cool-looking guys can spot you from much further distance of up to 500 meters. One bullet from their BFG-50A can instantly knock you down. They don't just hit hard but also have pinpoint accuracy, making them more efficient snipers than those in the base game. That said, their big red glowing eye exposes them very easily.
  4. Jammer
    Aka mobile jamming station. They jam your drone (duh!), make your screen somewhat static, prevent you from using night/heat vision goggles, and disable your minimap and enemies’ icons completely. Cool concept, but aside from the last mission, they suffer from the lack of AI utilization just like Covert Ops, since they mostly stay in one place and don't travel in groups.
Plot Holes
Some of the story elements don’t make sense either. You are supposed to be hunted since Los Extranjeros already know your plan, but there are helicopters everywhere so you can just fly away, as if you're not being hunted anymore; however, the invisible wall prevents you from doing so. If you manage to travel far enough, predetermined enemies' spawns are still there, and NPCs can still travel everywhere they want.

Also, isn’t Unidad supposed to be severely weakened after the completion of the main campaign? So why can they still spawn infinite soldiers from anywhere to pursue you when you are engaging with them? Isn’t that feature supposed to be available only for the Los Extranjeros, since they are an army so large that even Unidad had to hire them? An oversight that could have been easily fixed.

Is this DLC worth it?
I got it for free so I'm happy with it. However, considering the quality of the added contents, I wouldn't buy this in full price. If you are planning to buy this, wait for sales up to 70%.

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Posted December 31, 2021. Last edited March 6.
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48.3 hrs on record (48.3 hrs at review time)
Now that I have conquered all achievements and re-experienced the adventure in hardcore mode - with hardcore mode enabled - it’s time to review. If you are new to the Trine franchise and looking to buy this one based on its popular positives, this review is for you, with no spoiler.

Trine 2 is a 2.5D side-scrolling action fairy tale game with dynamic physics-based puzzle-solving and clever platforming. The adventure follows the Three Heroes of the Artifact Trine, on their narrated journey to uncover the mysterious power that wreaks havoc on their kingdom.

- Engaging puzzles with non-linear solutions.
- Stunning visual style.
- Breathtaking soundtrack.
- Wide range of reasonable achievements in solo.
- Local co-op up to three players on the same PC.
- Custom levels with level editors.
- Kid-friendly experience.
- Accessible to both casual and hardcore players.
- High replay value.
- Controls and movements feel a bit slippery.
- Some levels' color palettes are oversaturated, making the eyes sore.
- No multiplayer matches found, unless hosting with randoms.

In-depth Analysis
Engaging Gameplay
The story begins as we meet with the heroes, each with distinctive powers and upgradable abilities, to capably overcome the obstacles in their way.
  1. Amadeus the Wizard
    He isn’t as powerful as the typical wizards who can summon fireball spell to burn their foes. However, his talent is conjuring metal boxes and planks out of thin air to make platforms, block projectiles, attach them to environmental hazards, trap enemies and, last but not least, levitating them to anywhere he wants.
  2. Zoya theEntrepreneurThief
    She swiftly swings from one place to another with her rope attaching to wooden surfaces, stealthily takes out foes at a safe distance with her enchanted fire/ice bow or explosive decoy, and even defies gravity in a single area, making hard-to-reach sections as easy as pie.
  3. Pontius the Knight
    A noble brave man with a bit of naivety, who blocks almost everything with his flyable shield, powerfully charges head on his enemies, and destroys obstacles with his throwable, eruptive Storm Hammer.
This is where the fun begins, as you have to think of a solution to overcome the obstacles and solve the puzzles, not just do random things and hope for the best. Instead of automatically using metal boxes and planks to make a path every time, sometimes you literally have to think outside of the box and pay attention, play around with the environments and the heroes’ abilities.

That spiky roof with no ledge to climb on top? Amadeus can attach the plank into it to cover the spikes and also leave an edge to jump onto.
That last orb of experience in the level that’s too high to reach even with four boxes? Let’s defy the area’s gravity with Zoya’s arrow to make objects stay in the air indefinitely, also allowing us to jump higher and longer.
That huge gap with only a wooden roof to swing, but the thief isn’t available? Just charge super fast with Pontius, jump at the last second and then glide to safety with his shield.
The possibilities are nearly endless and only limited by the players’ thinking. Of course, not all skills are ready to use when you first play, and you have to make do with what you have at the moment to collect all experience pickupsand extra secret chestsin the levels to unlock and upgrade the heroes’ potentialities.
It feels super satisfying for new players to solve new puzzles that they have been stuck at for 15 minutes because of the limited skills, only to realize how easy it is when you try to approach it in another way instead of doing what you are used to beforehand. This is undoubtedly the most engaging aspect of Trine 2!

Casual or Difficult, Solo or Co-op: Your Choice
After finishing the story for the first time, you might want to spice things up with hardcore enabled and replay on hard difficulty. With that, the adventure goes from just a walk in the park to a true challenge, where enemies can one or two-shot the heroes, and checkpoints are disabled. Restart is the only option once all three heroes are dead because you rush without planning ahead. The pesky goblins can lead your movements with projectiles very well, and spawn in more numbers once dead, so a pacifist run with the Wizard is very safe and viable. These difficulty options are perfect both for casual and hardcore players.

Speaking of players, you can play with a maximum of two others, whether on the same PC with different input, with randoms, or in a password protected room with your friends. Playing solo means you can only control one hero at a time and have to switch to another to make the best use of their skills. While in co-op, you have Classic Mode, which means that only one hero can be controlled by one player at a time, or Unlimited Mode allowing all players to control the same hero. All achievements are reasonable and accessible in singleplayer, since I finished it on hard difficulty, along with having hardcore options toggled on.

Otherworldly Breathtaking Opera
> Boot up game for the first time.
> In awe of the magical opening theme.
> Stuck at the menu for 30 mins to listen and stare at the beautiful background before actually playing.
Eleven years later, this fantasy adventure still offers the most stunning and artistic scenery I’ve ever experienced in gaming, as if each frame can be a painting on its own. It’s like one of those old-school fairy tales for children but made into a beautiful game enjoyable for all ages.
But wait, there’s more. Accompanying with the visual style is the breathtaking music arranged to match up with each level’s theme. Ranging from the relaxing themes of the night, the wilderness, and the haunting forest; the sinister and disgusting feeling of being literally inside the belly of the beast; to a simple, classical desert theme.

- No bugs or any issues were encountered.
- i5-10400F
- GTX 1650S 4GB
- 1080p
- Win 11

Final rating: 9/10
Back in the 2010s, I first discovered Trine with its wallpaper since I was hooked on fantastical fairytale worlds. A decade later, I still love how it looks and I’m glad to get to enjoy this piece of art. This one is a must-have for my future children, because the whole adventure is charmingly narrated like a fairy-tale bedtime story. With all of that, Trine 2: Complete Story is worth every penny even if you get it for full price.

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Posted December 27, 2021. Last edited March 6.
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CHUCHEL is an adventure game with a wacky art style and interactive environments with puzzles, as you follow the fluffball protagonist, Chuchel, and his frenemy, Kekel, on the journey to reclaim their cherished cherry.

- Quirky, cute character designs and animations.
- Kid-friendly jokes.
- Unexpected humor.
- Easy achievement hunting.
- Unskippable cutscenes.
- Unengaging puzzles.
- No replay value.

As soon as the game begins, you are introduced to Chuchel and need to wake him up by interacting with the surrounding objects and creatures. Since there isn’t a cutscene yet, it’s easy to assume that you need to pay attention to details or look for clues to pass the level, which is engaging at first. However, the further you progress, the more you realize how annoying the unavoidable cutscenes are, only for the sake of storytelling, not providing any suggestion for the puzzles. There’s already a question mark hint at the top left corner of the screen to help you at any time if you get stuck, so you can go away, come back later and still finish the level without any trouble if you don't watch the cutscenes. This completely annihilates the engaging element when it comes to solving the puzzles, reducing them to clicking things to see what happens until you do it in the right order (based on the hint) and progress to the next level. At least, most scenes are shorter than 30 seconds, so they aren’t too dragging, and there are some amusing interaction in those instances to make it up.

Unexpectedly, there are some minigames inspired by Pac-Man, Tetris, Flappy Bird, and Shoot'em-ups that are far more entertaining than the main level.

Is this game worth it?
Yes, if you know what to expect... or expect nothing at all. Sincerely, I think this is the kind of game that neither puts a rich story forward nor offers in-depth puzzles. You'll find joy in just watching things take place on the screen like an interactive movie rather than solving puzzles. The animations and character designs are wacky, not meant to be taken seriously. There are instances where I laughed by looking at the characters and how they interact with each other out of the blue. This game is a gift I received after having such an awful day. I didn't play it right away, but I wish I did, as it would've lifted my mood, greatly.
- No bugs or any issues were encountered.
- i5-10400F
- GTX 1650S 4GB
- 1080p
- Win 11

Final rating: 7/10
CHUCHEL will definitely bring you some form of entertainment if you play it blindly. It's a relaxing one-time experience, especially after a day of hard work since it can be finished in one sitting. This is one of the few games I would save for my children in the future as an introduction to puzzle games in general thanks to its colorful art style and kid-friendly humor.

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Originally posted by author:
Dear AviaRa gifted me this game on one of my worst days of 2021, thank you!
Posted December 22, 2021. Last edited March 6.
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Aged Like Fine Wine
Dead Space is now more than 13 years old, but don’t let its age and dated graphics fool you. Some may say that I’m too late to the party, but I dare say that this game was truly ahead of its time, and there isn't anything like this nowadays. If you, like me, are new to the franchise or just looking for a good horror title, this review is for you - with no spoilers.

Curiosity in Storytelling
You play as the silent engineer, Isaac Clarke, on his mission to repair the mining spacecraft USG Ishimura. Throughout the campaign, you will find leftover data like text and video logs explaining a fraction of events before your arrival. The variety of information given to you is like a piece of fabric, so you can sew the story back together just enough to understand what had and is happening. From data research regarding the “creatures” you encounter, to the sheer panic and the slow downward spiral into insanity that the crew had experienced due to the influence of “the artifact”. While the game's progress is linear, as you move from one section of the ship to another, everything still feels interconnected. There are some chapters where you return to the previous areas, the environment has been renewed, you can now enter previously-locked rooms, whereas some of the old segments are now blocked because of the advancement of the “creatures”.

Everything is Designed to Scare You
The “creatures”, called Necromorphs, that you fight from the beginning to the end are heavily disfigured and mutated monstrosities you have never seen before! Each type of Necromorph you encounter is properly introduced and has build-up tension, whether through their faraway distinct screams, crawling in the vent to stalk you, or a few pieces belonging to a bigger, whole Necromorph, harassing you before its actual full appearance. Don’t let these grotesque creatures close their gap on you, as they will tear you asunder in the horrifying death scenes!
The Necromorph isn’t the only thing that terrifies you though. There are numerous instances where just the lightning and ambiance are enough to spook you to the point of being paranoid that something will attack you. Regardless if this is just the game design choice or a way of storytelling where “the artifact” causes you to hallucinate like the crew beforehand, it certainly does a great job messing with you.

For a game this old, the lightning and meshes of the environment aged very well. The textures are surely dated, but everything else synergizes so perfectly that walking alone in the ship without any enemies still sends a chill up my spine.

That being said, there are a few cheap jumpscares with no tension at all. There’s no build-up indicating that the creatures are coming to you, everything is quiet, then suddenly they appear out of nowhere, and the music just screeches loudly like in a typical horror movie.

Strategic Dismemberment - Simple but Unique
In most shooters, you need to aim for the head for maximum damage or even a one-shot kill. If you do that in Dead Space, however, you’re gonna have a bad time or even hinder your progress due to ammo scarcity in higher difficulties. Necromorphs will attack in the most violent ways without any regard to their body like their former victims. The only way to kill them for good is to tear them apart by cutting off their limbs, appendages, or glowing weak points. Lore wise, they don’t need their head anymore, flesh and bones have been repurposed to become deadly blades. Gameplay-wise, it’s one of the most unique features in any shooter, now you have to re-learn how to aim for the limbs, and it’s also a nice break from the typical “headshot does the most damage” in video games.
Guns? More like Overpowered Mining Tools!
Nearly all of the weapons you collect are tools used in mining for cutting and obliterating rocks, which are perfect for dismembering the limbs of your foes. If you have trouble aiming, use Stasis - an assistant tool used to work with fast-moving machinery - to slow them down for an easier aim. You can also briefly stun them by throwing objects with your Kinesis module - a tool used to pull objects towards you. There are a decent variety of weapons to keep multiple playthroughs enjoyable and nonrepetitive, like the Contact Beam, or a “shotgun” called Force Gun that forcibly blows almost everything away at point-blank range. They all have (dis)advantages in every situation: your trusty Plasma Cutter can put you through the entire game with ease, provided that you have another backup weapon for crowd-control.

As these tools can be upgraded to be perhaps too powerful, the game will be less challenging the further you progress. Even though the monsters are stronger and appear more often in packs, they still can’t stop Isaac because of his arsenals. The tension, the need for ammo management wear down fast as you progress with more abundant credits - Dead Space’s currency - to buy ammunition so much that you won’t have to worry about running out of it like in the first few chapters. Once you have fully upgraded the Pulse Rifle - the only military-grade weapon, this game is just a walk in the park.

No-pause menu? It’s called RIG
This is probably the best feature that no other game can top off. Dead Space introduces a new kind of no-pause menu that was ahead of its time, and it’s called Resource Integration Gear, or RIG for short. It’s essentially an unstopping menu built into your upgradeable suit that’s compact and easy to navigate. The best thing is that it still lets you freely move your camera and walk around. Any incoming dialogue or video calls from other characters will be played in the background in real-time instead of quitting the menu.
Performance, Encountered Bugs and Solutions
Specs: i5-10400F at 55°C, 16GB RAM DDR4, GTX 1650S 4GB at 68°C, Win 11
Dead Space runs smoothly as expected at the highest settings with consistent 60FPS. For an old game like this, I expected bugs, and here’s how I fix them:
  • Horrendous mouse control. That’s the first thing you notice when walking and aiming, it’s sluggish, inconsistent, and hard to use where precision is needed. Fixed with this:
  • Stuttering frame rates. Just simply disable in-game V-Sync, and enable V-Sync externally through the NVIDIA Control Panel.
  • Unplayable in Windowed Mode. While it uncaps the limited 60FPS in fullscreen, the actual gameplay is horrible. Isaac moves slowly with lagging like I’m having latency, with melee also suffering from the same issue. Pressing B to find an objective path spins the screen like crazy. I even got stuck and couldn't progress once, because a character disappeared when they’re supposed to be there, and the game didn’t spawn any enemies to fight. Just play in full screen instead.
  • Saved games’ difficulty changed when pressing “Continue Game”. My first playthrough's save slots have been lowered from Hard to Medium, and I didn’t realize it until it was too late. Always use “Load Game” to avoid this risk.
Final rating: 8.5/10, a must-have for any horror lovers out there
If you are completely new to the horror genre and looking for one to get to know, Dead Space is the perfect entry for you. This title is worth its cheap full price thanks to the experience, but just wait for a sale, you will love it!

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Posted November 30, 2021. Last edited March 6.
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Different Outside, Same Inside
If Found… is a visual novel with a compelling hand-drawn art style and an interactive gameplay experience, as you follow Kasio’s story from Ireland in December 1993, the darkest moments of her life. The events have already taken place, and now Kasio is reflecting on her Auld Lang Syne and erasing it in order to move forward.

The gameplay also reflects that, and it’s very simple: you are reading Kasio's diary about what had occurred, her family, close friends, and the emotions she had gone through during all that time; only now you have to erase it all with your mouse cursor becoming an eraser. Although it is repetitive having to delete everything from the beginning to the end, the captivating story and character development themselves are engaging enough for players to look past it.
Naturally Written and Well-made Representation
A common mistake in the media is to make a minority character and throw them into the mix for the sake of it, with no personality or interesting characteristic traits at all, a.k.a “Shoehorning’. It is the worst fate that could ever happen to any fictional character, particularly the minority ones, as it harms the viewing of, or even downright demoralizes the group of people that the character is symbolizing.

Thankfully, that’s not the case in If Found…. Even though Kasio herself is an individual belonging to a small and not (yet) rightfully acknowledged portion of the population, her story is handled very carefully and naturally so that everyone - not just the people in that group - can relate to both. There’re actually just two words in two instances, in her entire diary, suggesting that Kasio is a minority character. Just by replacing those words, you will have a story about overcoming the traditional expectation of the family for their children - which is something most youngsters like Kasio have to go through during their youth.
Soundtracks that Strengthen the Experience
There is a saying that music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t, and it perfectly describes how I felt while reading Kasio's diary. Every situation and portion of her story has suitable music from Ireland around the 1990s, which is a neat little detail that I would not expect. Towards the end, I couldn’t help but keep erasing faster and faster to know what would happen, as the music just sped things up, and my heartbeat went up with it too.

Epilepsy Warning, Where Is It?
As much as I enjoyed playing, I had to blink a lot more than usual during the story, and my eyes were actually sore in the end. There are a lot of moments with flashy and fast-flickering images, but there isn’t an epilepsy warning from the beginning or anywhere in the game. This is probably the biggest issue, as it may put off many people, so the lack of a warning is risky for both the game and the players.

My Thoughts
This is my first game where the protagonist comes from the same community as I. I tend to stay away from media works (movies, games,etc) that claim to have lead minority characters but only ruin them.

That being said, I’m very pleased and happy with this title, as it not only does representation right and respectfully, but it is also a one-time experience of looking back at my past to see how far I've come and how much I've grown.

Everything Kasio did and went through back in 1993 all the way over in Ireland is nearly identical to what I had been through during the beginning periods of my early adult life. There’s even an extra side story about her alternative persona that happened along with the main story as a metaphor for what’s going on, which I think is a nice touch. It’s amazing how we're so far apart in distance and time, but still manage to sympathize with each other.

The game is very short, with a two or three hours playtime in one session depending on your reading speed, and achievement afk-grinding, it’s still an experience worthy of note though. Whether you are from our community or not, this is a story about overcoming the expectations of a traditional family, becoming the person who you want to be, having the life you truly deserve, and finding connection to your loved ones by closing the generation gap. It’s something that everyone will encounter, sooner or later.
Final rating: 8/10
If you are looking to find a good game to get to know more about minority characters, If Found… visual novel is the right one. This title is definitely worth the full price, even better if it's on sale.

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Posted October 27, 2021. Last edited March 6.
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Returning from four years of absence, I still love Battlefield 4 as I did before
I first played Battlefield 3 (BF3) on my old PS3. It was my first BF ever, and I immediately got hooked on the franchise. Right after finishing the campaign, I booted up Battlefield 4 (BF4) and played multiplayer daily for three months straight in the summer of 2017 before returning to school. Then I forgot about it, and also my PS3 got fried due to a lightning strike, so I didn't have the chance to play again.
Four years later, I finally got my hands on the Steam version and relived the experience in all of its glory. Let’s address the big elephant in the room: is Battlefield 4 still as good as I remember, or perhaps my nostalgia has clouded my thinking?

Single-player campaign: mediocre at best
While the campaign isn't the worst thing ever, it’s nowhere as great as the rest of the game, and particularly the previous campaign of BF3. The action and gameplay are entertaining, accompanied with some appealing sceneries. However, the story isn't engaging enough and leaves much to be desired. Involved characters are bland, forgettable and ruined even more by the dumb and useless AIs that always yell at Sgt. Daniel Recker - the main protagonist, every five minutes to do something despite him being their squad leader. Definitely not worth getting this title just for singleplayer alone.

Multiplayer, do people still play in 2021?!
Yes, and with good reason. Multiplayer experience is where BF4 really shines and there are numerous active servers filled with players in 2021, even in Asia. Plenty of different game modes to spice things up, with iconic ones like Conquest, Domination, Team Deathmatch, and Rush. In addition, there are a total of 33 distinguished and beautiful maps, including the DLCs.

Conquest mode is by far the most sought after experience in almost every available server. In this game mode, there are two opposing factions, each team has a fixed amount of tickets, and one match usually lasts about an hour or less. In order to achieve victory, your team must drain the enemy team’s tickets by killing them and capturing their objective sections. You can technically run around fragging enemies or camping in one spot the entire match and be on the highest rank in the leaderboard, but still lose because teamwork is required to dominate the battlefield, thanks to its soldiers' classes, designed to complement each other.
  1. Assault:
    Frontline soldiers armed with assault rifles, several types of grenade launchers and also play the role of a medic - healing and reviving other down teammates.
  2. Engineer:
    Their role is always required in any game mode with vehicles, thanks to the exclusive handy repair tool and an arsenal of powerful anti-vehicle launchers.
  3. Support:
    Providing suppression fire with their high ammo capacity light machine gun and, most importantly, resupplying ammo to their teammates. They also have a few support-exclusive toys that are fun to use like the mortar, claymore, C4 and even a big shield.
  4. Recon:
    Features bolt-action sniper rifles, respawn beacon, observation tools to locate the enemies and a flying drone to harass their position.
You can also form a squad with other players on your team to focus on different objectives, and cooperating with them also gives bonuses for each squadmate’s field upgrade perks like damage reduction, faster repair, increase ammo, etc. Therefore, it’s always encouraged to work with your squad instead of playing solo. My personal loadout is Engineer armed with ACW-R carbine, RPG and the repair tool, hopping in a tank, playing the objective, hopping out to repair while my tank mate covers me or vice versa if they are running Engineer too.

Levolution - truly a revolutionary trademark
Have you ever played a game and been disappointed that you can’t damage the buildings when you blow them up with explosives? Not in Battlefield 4! you are given the luxury to do so as almost every wall can be demolished with enough fire-power. Explosive shots from tanks and aircraft will leave dents on the ground, making it harder for vehicles to traverse, but also a hiding spot for infantry. Everything you see in battle, from random bullets to rockets fired missing their targets are all real, coming from actual players.

Each map has its primary levolution feature. For example in the Siege of Shanghai, after damaging the four main pillars of a skyscraper, it can collapse, resulting in a change of its surrounding environment, making it easier to capture its objective with the cost of a good defensive position.

The battlefield is full of vehicles and weapons for you
Gunplay is easy to learn but hard to master, and there is a considerable amount of guns. Each weapon is unique with its own damage, fire rate, recoil, firing sound, so it’s always exciting to test, customize the guns and find out which one suits you the most. The best guns are the ones that you enjoy using and make a comeback from a losing battle with. Rocket launchers have different velocities, some require you to aim manually while others are locked on target, but the enemy will be warned of it, so mastering that RPG shot to blow up an unexpected helicopter is one of the most satisfying feelings in the game.
It's not just guns you have to play with; there are lots of vehicles including anti-air and anti-infantry ground vehicles, and even jet aircraft. These machines complement each other well, just like the soldier classes.

Atmospheric sound design to make you feel like you are in a chaotic battlefield
Sound design is underrated in Battlefield 4. Without all the voice lines from soldiers, it wouldn’t be as much fun and “realistic” as it intends to be - an action arcade FPS. The most common dialogues are when your teammate is down, the soldier will actually yell about it like “We got a man down here”. Or when being fired upon and unable to move around, they will yell “I’m being suppressed over here”. Other audio queues like footsteps and water splashing are very clear, so you might want to pay attention to your surroundings before your opponents can sneak up on you.
Battlefield 4 performs well on my medium rig: Intel I5-10400F at 60°C, 16GB of RAM, GTX 1650 SUPER 4GB at 76°C, with Windows 11 OS. Everything runs smoothly at ultra settings with consistent 60FPS.
There’s this weird bug I encountered when joining a server, sometimes the screen just fades the interface away, leaving only the background, and stays like that indefinitely. Opening Steam Overlay doesn’t work so I have to close it from Task Manager; other than that, everything works fine.

For Asian players out there, I got you covered
I’ll admit it, at first, I couldn’t find any playable servers in Asia, so I gave up and sent a refund request. It was refused since I already had eight hours of playing the campaign so I told myself I gotta be more patient and it eventually payed off. I found about five to ten playable servers being played daily with a player count that hits maximum around GMT+7 after 9 PM. However, they are mostly conquest servers with some team deathmatch and rush, but it's better than none.

Final rating: 8/10, an excellent title for any FPS lover
If you are looking for an arcade, action-thrilling, modern FPS with an active player base, Battlefield 4 is definitely worth a shot. Get it on sale, and you won’t be disappointed.

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Posted October 20, 2021. Last edited March 6.
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