Hazel (she/her)   Texas, United States
Hello! I am Ramborux (previously FezManIsHere) and I have some info below.

My name is Ramborux, but I used to and am still cool with going by Fez in-game. I do, in fact, play the video games
(mainly of the shooty bang-bang variety) and try to be less salty every day. I used to play Destiny 2
almost exclusively but right now I'm getting back into Team Fortress 2 .

TF2 Competitive Experience (RGL Highlander):
Season 8 - Sniper in AM team Imperium
Season 9 - Sniper in Main team Crazy Frog Crucifixion

I generally snipe, so if I hit a weird shot or whiff all of them, blame my inconsistent aim ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
If you want to leave a mean comment or report me, you do you, but I have full power to delete
comments and ignore reports because.......I'm not cheating, so again, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

For those on my friends list, feel free to hit me up to play something!

Here is my SteamRep [steamrep.com] in case you want to double/triple check that I am legit and not
cheating or a bot wishing it were good enough to be accused of such and here is my trade offer link .
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+rep bad ambassador spy ez
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Friendly Guy !!! ❤️ 
We can be friends  for future games ^_^ 
  "You only live once for a very short time, so make every second divine"

● Scams are spreading, please be careful.
● This is my only account,
● I DO NOT send links for trading, advertising
● Have a wonderful day
● Stay safe & take care

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+rep Pretty nice guy who can get head shots
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very angry
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+rep level-headed and focused