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Male my dude
December 30, 2002

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Discord - @Winter#6242 - Winter#11829

"Okay, yeah, you just hang out here and I'll grab go grab the Magnum, we can have a nice tea party and then you can go FUCK YOURSELF" ~Winter 2k16
"vape some weed" ~Winter 2k16
"I'm sexually retarded" ~Winter 2k17
"I speak fluent gerbil" ~Winter 2k17
"Well this will be a happy fun pain in the ass won't it?" ~Winter 2k17
"How do you spank a bird again?" ~Winter 2k18
"Oh fuck god jesus that scared me i swear my heart was about to jump out of my chest and start running down the street" ~Winter 2k18
"I am officially a hamster" ~Winter 2k18
"BUT I'M A PACIFIST WEINER!!" ~Winter 2k18
"Obese American sloths?" ~Winter 2k18
"I need my EMerGenCy wAtERRR!!!" ~Winter 2k18
"Hate getting bullied? Pull a glock on 'em" ~Houdini 2k18
"Everybody has a tiny penis -- Shut up n*gger" ~Houdini -- Salty 2k18
"My farts smell like roses. I mean dead roses but they're still roses." ~Salty 2k18
"When life gives you lemons, you squeeze them like fucking tits." ~Birb 2k18
"I don't think you can, but try to ban me. If you actually ban me you're demoted" ~Winter to Salty 2k18
"Everything is categorized by boners" ~Birb 2k18
"Angery bird activated PECK" ~Birb 2k18
"-earrape- RAPE THE ORPHANS!" ~Ninja 2k18
"sup big pimp" ~Galaxy to Winter 2k18
"There's a vegetable... IN MY SALAD!??!?" ~Texas Toast 2k18
"my erection is going so high and so fast that it's like a bullet" ~Birb 2k18
"i think my face is blind" ~Winter 2k18
"All i need are bunny hop skills and an inflated ego" ~Winter 2k18
"Do you even know what a bucket looks like" ~AtoMix 2k18
"and then i would grab his ass cheeks and rip him in half" ~Birb 2k18
"be careful of horny 13 year olds with massive throbbing tiny penises" ~Birb 2k18
"And that's when i would grab the woman's breasts and tear her apart" ~Birb 2k18
"don't you love it when it rains pussies and bitches?" ~Birb 2k18
"lots of quotes tonight: 25% me, 25% AtoMix, 25% Galaxy, and of course that succulent 69.696969% of my anus" ~Birb 2k18
"-hears incessant moaning- I'm uh mildly concerned." ~Winter 2k18
"is it a crime to dip fries in ice cream" ~Ninja 2k18
"Is it bad that i like to dip my dick in anything warm and malleable? -- Why are you fucking your sister?" ~Birb -- Ninja 2k18
“i swear i sound like my ballz dropped 20 miles” ~Birb 2k18
“Here have a taste of my boner” ~Taco 2k18
“don’t you hate it when your massive boner kills your wife” ~Birb 2k18
“Goodbye Matthew, expect me in your closet at 9pm!!” ~Birb 2k18
"if you fucked the fruit at first hand you'll get maximum flavor for succage" ~Birb 2k18
“My mouth tastes like cucumbers and bricks” ~Lemon 2k18
“Are you a banana? — Why yes I am. Did you know that humans share ninety thousand percent of DNA with -forgets to say bananas- humans?” ~Winter — Lemon 2k18
-throws flashbang- "GO MY SEMEN!" -gets hit by flashbang- "AAAAAAAA" ~Birb 2k18
"I have a thicc meaty vagina" ~Birb 2k18
“CHINOOS!!” ~Birb 2k18
“Don’t you love a guy who forces memes down your throat” ~Birb 2k18
“I love shoving things down people’s throats too” ~Error 2k18
“I almost tripped and broke my life” ~Winter 2k18
“My mental age is 50 let me show you why they call me The Uncle ;)” ~Birb 2k18
“What? You haven’t circumcised a carrot before?” ~Error 2k18
“i will smite you with my erection” ~Birb 2k18
“We need to become carrots and establish communism” ~Winter 2k18
“Hello 911? Um so my wife has a boner” ~Birb 2k18
“I will cut a banana in half and fuck it” ~Birb 2k18
-dying of hot sauce- “I want to shove a chair in my mouth” ~Winter 2k18
"I'm a 16 year old viagra what do you expect" ~Soviet 2k18
"Who wants to eat bricks of air" ~Texas Toast 2k18
“But no, they just had to fist themselves as hard as they can” ~Texas Toast 2k18
“Solving problems with threesomes... perfect” ~Error 2k18
“Hey guys i made a sphere i’m gonna go shoot some animals with it” ~Texas Toast 2k18
“Jesus was the original T pose” ~Taco 2k18
"360 MOIST" ~Winter 2k18
"Don't you hate it when your cat just vaporizes" ~Texas Toast 2k18
"Resignationate" ~Taco 2k18
"Hey look its a pizza bus, LETS GO ROB IT" ~Texas Toast 2k18
"I will dislocate your neck" ~Winter 2k18
"tbh hurricane sandy was fun as hell" ~Winter 2k18
"Sure cocaine is good, but have you ever tried snorting ants?" ~Winter 2k18
"Tekashi 7ven 11ven" ~Texas Toast 2k19
"I don't want anybody molesting my eyebrows" ~Error 2k19
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