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PLEASE COMMENT BEFORE ADDING ME! More information available below in the info box! :CyberdimensionUzume: go away leon
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Welcome to my Profile!
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Info about me

:HealthSD: Age: 22
:HealthSD: Nationality: :FRAflag:
:HealthSD: Language: :GBRflag: & :FRAflag:
:HealthSD: Favorite Colors: Pink & Purple

:HealthSD: I'm Neppu, my full name comes from my favorite character in the Neptunia series: :zuzume: Uzume Tennouboshi, combined with the name of another character I like a lot: :nepnep: Neptune.
:HealthSD: I am a peaceful person, I will be very kind to anyone that doesnt hurt me and I will always be there for my friends.

:TargetWhite: I am a very shy person and will usually not talk to you at first, but i will try to keep up a conversation when it starts and make some effort as time goes on. So please keep that in mind when you add me.

:HealthSD: I've been on Steam since 2010, Left 4 Dead 1 brought me to it and I was attracted by Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 so I sticked to it and I loved it, I've made a lot of friends and discovered lots of fun games here so I haven't gone anywhere since.

:HealthSD: As for my real life interests, I'm on my way to work as a software developer since the world of I.T interests me a lot.

:TargetWhite: Loves: Music, Video Games, Art, Pink colored things, Pastel colors, Kittens/Cats, Friendly people, Helping others, Hugs & Cuddles, Making friends.
:TargetWhite: Hates: Edgelords, Very stuck-up people, Betrayal, Bullies/Harassment/Toxicity, Close minded people (Homophobia/Transphobia/Discrimination), Friend collectors, Manipulative People, Extremely Perverted people/Hentai/Porn/Lewd Images, Gore.

:HealthSD: Favorite game series of all time: Neptunia.
:HealthSD: Other favorite games: Danganronpa series, Ace Combat series, Doki Doki Literature Club, Team Fortress 2, PAYDAY 2.

:TargetWhite: Do NOT add me for trading! I am not a friend collector and i'm not interested in people who only care about trading, this stands for friend collectors too. I only want real friends.

:HealthSD: For more detail about my various interests and things/facts about me, you'll learn when you get to know me.


:TargetWhite: I make electronic music!
:hacknetcog: Software Used: FL Studio 12
:HealthSD: I have a soundcloud with my music on it: My Soundcloud []
:HealthSD: I also have a youtube channel where I post my music. So you can check it out too.
:HealthSD: You can also find some of them in my "Videos" on Steam.
:TargetWhite: My main genre is Synthwave/Darksynth, however I also make music in other genres such as Trap, Big Room House, Mid-Tempo, Electronic.
:TargetWhite: I am mostly known for my Neptunia remixes, Payday 2 remixes, or original music based on Payday 2, such as "Dead End" which is officially featured in the Crackdown difficulty mod as the difficulty's theme.
:TargetWhite: Check out my Discord Server for music releases, WiPs, and more!

:HealthSD: As for my music tastes, I mainly listen to Metal and Synthwave/Retrowave music,but I also like plenty of other genres though and listen to them just as much, like Vaporwave, Future Funk, KPOP, Anime Openings, Jazz, Classical, almost anything really if it's not Rap.
:HealthSD: I mainly love listening to: Trivium, Moe Shop, Gesaffelstein, REZZ, and Savant. If I had to pick favorite artists, these would be the ones I'd list.

:HealthSD: Examples of more artists i like: Caspro, Avicii, joji, Blank Banshee, BLACKPINK, MOMOLAND, DM DOKURO, Caspro, Sabaton, Demon Hunter, Knife Party, Pendulum, Scandroid, Kavinsky, Le Castle Vania, Gost, We Are Magonia, Dance With The Dead, Alestorm. and more...
:HealthSD: Favorite Video Game Soundtracks: PAYDAY 2, Hotline Miami (1 & 2), Hacknet, Megadimension Neptunia VII, Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

                                                     ♥PC Specs♥

:hacknetcog: OS: Windows 10 64-bit
:hacknetcog: 8GB Ram
:hacknetcog: 465 GB Hard Drive + 1 TB Hard Drive
:hacknetcog: CPU: Intel Core i5-370K
:hacknetcog: GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 950
:hacknetcog: Keyboard: Ducky Shine 3 with Green Lighting & MX Cherry Red Switches
:hacknetcog: Mouse: Just a typical laser mouse you find in stores.
:hacknetcog: Monitor: It keeps changing. It's usually just a small flatscreen TV, or an actual monitor.
:hacknetcog: PC Case: Spirit of Gamer Rogue II RGB.


These are frequently asked questions i will try to answer beforehand.

:Question_m: "Neptune or Uzume?" : Uzume forever. :CyberdimensionUzume::HealthSD:

:Question_m: "What is your real name?/What is your sexuality etc" : These are things I will only tell you if I trust you enough.
Of course if you're my friend, don't be afraid to ask anything!


:TargetWhite: I am a Senior Developer on Dispenz0r's Fun Server which means I count both as an admin and a developer, I've been part of the servers since 2010 and I am the official sound engineer for the server.

                                                        :HealthSD: Thank you for reading! :HealthSD:
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+rep dbd
Orange Heart🔊 19. Juli um 8:29 Uhr 
:Adult_Neptune:Have a nice weekend:selphinehappy:
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Tomorrow is birthday! Don't forget!:steamhappy:
Rob Boss 5. Juli um 3:43 Uhr 
You sir, are a very talented musician. I appriciate the time and effort you put into your tracks. I congratulate you.
Neppu Tennouboshi 30. Juni um 6:44 Uhr 
Thank you!
Lucas 30. Juni um 6:31 Uhr 
Just wanted to say that I love your Payday 2 tracks.

Great for killing the kerels to, for sure. :hoxton: