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I usually accept random adds, especially if we have a friend, group, or hobby in common! I'm a horrible, horrible chu with too much free time and too little common sense :3

I don't play multiplayer games, usually... My hobbies include daydreaming, Sonic High School, internet, The Magic Bullet, Sonichu, The Snuggie, My Immortal, the "Potato" button on my microwave, old arcade/console games, "Being creative" in Blender/various art programs, programming, and asking obvious/annoying/lewd questions to my closer friends just to pass the time.

Just a heads up: Please don't add me purely for erotic role play! like playful chatting and teasing but I'm getting just a teeeensy bit tired of new people trying to get acquainted with my genitals before they get acquainted with me.

To play list:
* Crash Bandicoot 2 - I want to 100% this. I only got the bad ending as a kid
* Gex: Enter the Gecko - I want to at least beat this. I never finished it as a kid (also, as a side note, this game is terrible. The rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia do little to remedy that.)
* Metal Gear Solid - Never played it!
* Final Fantasy 8 - Never played any FF games!

"Fucking Hell, Brock, you are not a Gent, you are a Faggot. You can't just use a Dragon Claw Arena Trap Articuno!" -Minus, on having his ass kicked by Gent Brock in a randomized FireRed nuzlocke.
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SuperCraig64 Aug 6 @ 12:43pm 
Hiiiii and Happy Birthday to ya RainChu!
🐾Rexi =~=🐾 Aug 6 @ 12:15pm 
:2015cookie: Happy Birthday sweetie Pufff :3 I wish chu all the best :feelings:
Engipower Aug 6 @ 9:17am 
Happy birthday~! :8bitheart:
deli Jun 9 @ 2:38pm 
hi id like to show you pictures of terarria
Nikki Jun 3 @ 3:12am 
And just to clean up Chu's record, here's a +rep for you. And another +rep. :8bitheart:
🐾Rexi =~=🐾 Apr 1 @ 2:12am 
Happy Easter ^///^