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3:12 PM - chronicdiscord:
3:13 PM - [ToHH]Ktos entered chat.
3:14 PM - BloodlustBeast entered chat.
3:14 PM - Raiden: wow
3:14 PM - Raiden: seems like Gay got his ass handed to him by Dix
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3:16 PM - .Ƭiger!: o_0
3:16 PM - chronicdiscord: Dix really put in a big push at the end
3:16 PM - .Ƭiger!: 0_o
3:16 PM - KhAn RuLz entered chat.
3:16 PM - chronicdiscord: Gay couldn't hold up to that kind of action
3:17 PM - Raiden: shame, I was hoping Gay would win after all the conditioning he went through
3:17 PM - chronicdiscord: Gay does take it seriously
3:17 PM - Raiden: yeah
3:17 PM - chronicdiscord: but Dix is all action
3:17 PM - Raiden: indeed
3:17 PM - SIR ANAL OF FRIES: wut
3:17 PM - Raiden: Dix will usher a new era with that victory
3:18 PM - chronicdiscord: I've been a Dix man for a long time, Gay just isn't what I'm about
3:18 PM - Raiden: I think we all are
3:19 PM - Raiden: How come Munchma Qutchi wasn't at the race?
3:19 PM - JC disconnected.
3:19 PM - Redjevel is now playing Arma 3 Beta. Click here to join.
3:19 PM - chronicdiscord: Obviously cause that was the men's 200
3:19 PM - chronicdiscord: do they have unisex races?
3:19 PM - Raiden: She could've at least made an appearance
3:20 PM - Raiden: I think they do
3:20 PM - chronicdiscord: I'm sure we would all like to see that
3:20 PM - chronicdiscord: but Qutchi just isn't as good as Dix
3:20 PM - chronicdiscord: they're not on the same level
3:21 PM - Raiden: Hmm
3:21 PM - Raiden: I suppose
5:06 PM - Mozendo: leo do you like video games?
5:07 PM - leomoty: do I?
5:08 PM - Mr.Fishy: no
5:08 PM - Mr.Fishy: he hates them
5:09 PM - Mr.Fishy: I on the other hand love them so hard that I split a CD in two in the early 2000s
1:50 PM - Korrd: Then... we're done talking about because I couldn't give a rat's ass about figurative nothings as relates to science.
1:50 PM - Jason Deirulo: Korrd, Can I use a math example to try and better explain?
1:51 PM - Korrd: No.
1:51 PM - GoJays2025: lol
1:51 PM - Korrd: Well, sure. But I'm gonna be doing something else, so you'll be talking to yourself.
1:52 PM - chronicdiscord:
1:52 PM - Jason Deirulo: Okey. For the purposes of me saying this since I like this analogy though.
1:52 PM - Jason Deirulo: There is a number, that we know as the "Least interesting number", because it isn't prime, the sum of 2 square, square, or whatever random things we label numbers as.
1:52 PM - Jason Deirulo: But the fact that it has nothing interesting about it, then makes it interesting.
1:52 PM - Jason Deirulo: Nothing is the same. The absence of all things would make it something, which means that nothing never truely exists, and nothing is only what we don't know.
1:53 PM - Jason Deirulo: The existence of nothing is a paradox, to say
1:53 PM - Aeonian Chacma left chat.
7:59 PM - Raiden: So is it inappropriate to ask him how he feels about eating babies?
7:59 PM - Raiden: There is no wrong aswer
7:59 PM - xarabas: true that
8:00 PM - ROVOT: >taking a break form the internet
8:01 PM - ROVOT: if i had to internet i'd kill myself 100%
8:01 PM - ROVOT: this country and the people in it are insufferable
8:01 PM - DMcGee: What about your babby
8:01 PM - xarabas: he forgot lol
8:01 PM - Raiden: heh
8:01 PM - xarabas: he forgot he has a kid
8:01 PM - xarabas: haha
6:23 PM - Avenar: oh wow
6:24 PM - Avenar: thanks.
6:24 PM - Raiden: anytime
6:24 PM - Avenar: =)
6:24 PM - Avenar: i will tip my hat to you great sir. That really made my evening =)
6:25 PM - Raiden: heh
6:25 PM - Raiden: my pressure
6:25 PM - Avenar: @giveaway
6:26 PM - Raiden: lmfao
6:26 PM - Raiden: gonna add this to my box of giggles
6:26 PM - Avenar: glad you approve =P
6:27 PM - Avenar: also
6:27 PM - Avenar: @giveaway when i lose
6:28 PM - Raiden: rofl
11:45 PM - Korrd: Jack, when you say things like demons and thoughtforms and other supernatural crap is believable because modern explanation places them alongside other fantasy garbage like psychic phenomenon and parapsychology... it's patently obviously we can't have a serious discussion.
11:46 PM - Korrd: "Nonsense A is believable because it's equally as viable as Nonsense B" is not an argument.
11:48 PM - Col. Jack O'Neill SG-1: Korrd, I don't say that at all. And it's just as well you and I don't talk about this, because you can never manage anything other than beratement, which is invalid as a form of logical discourse.
11:48 PM - Col. Jack O'Neill SG-1: SOmeone mentioned tulpas, I contributed to the conversation, because I have researched the topic.
11:48 PM - Korrd: 00:08 - Col. Jack O'Neill SG-1: anyway, as for the tulpa, and thoughtforms, it becomes possible to believe in it without believing in the supernatural, because modern explanation places it along side ESP, psychic powers, parapsychology
11:48 PM - Korrd: Did I misinterpret?
11:49 PM - Delicious Mewden: that or his words didn't come out rightt
11:49 PM - Col. Jack O'Neill SG-1: Yes, I was saying that ESP and such falls outside the realm of the supernatural in this day and age
11:49 PM - Korrd: doesn't.
11:49 PM - Col. Jack O'Neill SG-1: that there are people who can believe in thoughtforms without believing in the supernatural
11:49 PM - Col. Jack O'Neill SG-1: because they believe it's just undiscovered science
11:49 PM - Delicious Mewden: err
11:50 PM - Col. Jack O'Neill SG-1: metaphysics etc
11:50 PM - Korrd: You were equating ESP with some degree of legitimacy, and extending that legitimacy to other equally unproven things.
11:51 PM - Korrd: I'm still not clear on how I misunderstood.
11:51 PM - Col. Jack O'Neill SG-1: I was attempting to do quite the opposite, I believe supernatural explanation is more valid than "metaphysical"/"parapsychological" explanation
11:51 PM - Delicious Mewden: you're not misunderstamding
11:51 PM - Col. Jack O'Neill SG-1: look at it this way: Poltergeist: Malevolent demon v/s psychic energy of a pubescent young mind
11:52 PM - Col. Jack O'Neill SG-1: I'd go with option #1 based on my own research and experience
11:52 PM - Korrd: I have no idea what you're demonstrating with that.
11:52 PM - Korrd: Both sound like the plot of a bad made-for-tv horror movie.
11:52 PM - Delicious Mewden: lol
11:52 PM - Delicious Mewden: okay
11:52 PM - Col. Jack O'Neill SG-1: The idea that our brains can evolve to have psychic powers, for example, is not part of a traditional supernatural worldview
11:52 PM - Delicious Mewden: this seminar made me chuckle
11:52 PM - Delicious Mewden: thank you
11:52 PM - Korrd: o/
11:52 PM - Delicious Mewden: and good night
11:52 PM - Delicious Mewden: \o
11:53 PM - Col. Jack O'Neill SG-1: nightnight :)
11:53 PM - Delicious Mewden: have a good one
Monday, November 03, 2014
8:41 PM - MorphineBear discon
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