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My Steam Account was compromised on 27/12/18, for 32 hours (PUBG banned for that reason).

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:gearthumbside: 10 Second Ninja :starfull:
:gearthumbsup: A Bird Story :abs_birdfly:
:gearthumbsup: ABZÜ :ABZU_Ammonite:
:gearthumbside: Alien Shooter TD :as_spinner:
:gearthumbside: Always Sometimes Monsters :boxing:
:gearthumbsdown: aMAZE :ftball:
:gearthumbsdown: aMAZE 2 :mball: :snowb:
:gearthumbsdown: aMAZE ZER0
:gearthumbsup: Arcade Moonlander
:gearthumbsup: Bastion :thekid:
:gearthumbsup: Battle Chasers: Nightwar :Garrison:
:gearthumbsup: BattleBlock Theater :bbtraccoon:
:gearthumbsup: Borderlands GOTY
:gearthumbsup: Borderlands GOTY Enhanced
:gearthumbsup: Borderlands 2 :borderlands2:
:gearthumbsup: Borderlands 3 :BL3GOLDBANDIT:
:gearthumbsup: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel :vault:
:gearthumbsup: Braid
:gearthumbside: Braveland :brarrow:
:gearthumbside: Braveland Pirate :pirate_sabre: :pirate_coin:
:gearthumbside: Braveland Wizard :wizard_bottle:
:gearthumbsup: Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons :bigbrother:
:gearthumbsup: Castle Crashers :sadcyclops:
:gearthumbsup: Celeste :celeste_cassette:
:gearthumbsup: Cyberpunk 2077 :judy:
:gearthumbsup: DeathSpank
:gearthumbside: Defy Gravity :CharacterFace:
:gearthumbsup: Deponia :rufusjoking:
:gearthumbsup: Divide by Sheep :wolfpirate:
:gearthumbside: Doodle Devil :DoodleDevil_FakeTeeth:
:gearthumbside: Doodle God :dg_lamp:
:gearthumbside: Doodle God: 8-bit Mania :dgp_fish: :dgp_skull:
:gearthumbside: Doodle Kingdom :dk_fireball:
:gearthumbside: Doodle Mafia :doodle_mafia_punch:
:gearthumbside: Dragon Hunter
:gearthumbside: Draw a Stickman: EPIC :epiczombie:
:gearthumbsup: Dungeon Defenders :whatisjuice:
:gearthumbside: Dungeon Escape :escapekey:
:gearthumbsup: Dust: An Elysian Tail :fhappy:
:gearthumbside: Estiman :esti_surprised:
:gearthumbside: Evil Defenders :napalm:
:gearthumbsup: Fable Anniversary :crunchychick:
:gearthumbside: Faerie Solitaire
:gearthumbsup: FEZ
:gearthumbside: Fieldrunners
:gearthumbside: Finding Teddy :firefly:
:gearthumbside: Galcon Legends :greentri:
:gearthumbsup: Game of Thrones - A Telltale Games Series
:gearthumbsup: Glass Masquerade :gmhusky:
:gearthumbsup: Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions :orangerose:
:gearthumbsup: Guacamelee! Gold Edition :sugarskull:
:gearthumbsup: Hexcells
:gearthumbsup: Hexcells Plus
:gearthumbsup: Hidden Folks :hiddenfolksmother: :hiddenfolksworker:
:gearthumbsup: Hollow Knight :hollowknight:
:gearthumbsup: INSIDE :INSIDE_BOY:
:gearthumbside: interLOGIC :purplelogic:
:gearthumbside: Ironclad Tactics :surprisemaxwell:
:gearthumbside: Invisibox :i_happy:
:gearthumbside: Japanese School Life :ChiyokoSmile:
:gearthumbside: KARAKARA :krkrlucia:
:gearthumbsup: Kingdom Rush :krlvlup: :krskull:
:gearthumbsup: Kingdom Rush Frontiers :krgenie: :krmummy:
:gearthumbsup: Kingdom Rush Origins :krcutebunny:
:gearthumbside: KNIGHTS :knt_pawn:
:gearthumbsup: Knights of Pen and Paper +1 :mage:
:gearthumbsup: Knights of Pen and Paper 2 :horseyhorse:
:gearthumbsdown: Kombine :komhappy:
:gearthumbsup: Limbo
:gearthumbside: LineWay
:gearthumbside: Lines :goldenmedal:
:gearthumbside: Lines Infinite
:gearthumbside: Lines X
:gearthumbsup: Love Ribbon :irishappy:
:gearthumbsup: Magicka :VLAD:
:gearthumbsup: Mark of the Ninja :oni:
:gearthumbsup: Monster Loves You :hmm:
:gearthumbsup: Moon Hunters :lute:
:gearthumbside: NEKOPARA Vol. 0 :cocochan2:
:gearthumbside: NEKOPARA Vol. 1 :catpaw:
:gearthumbside: NEKOPARA Vol. 2 :azuki3: :milkchan:
:gearthumbside: NEKOPARA Vol. 3 :maple4:
:gearthumbsup: Never Alone :arcticfox:
:gearthumbsdown: Oik :purpleb:
:gearthumbsdown: Oik 2 :indb: :bbox:
:gearthumbsdown: Oik 3 :stunBlue:
:gearthumbsdown: Oik 4
:gearthumbside: Oik Memory
:gearthumbside: Oik Memory 2
:gearthumbsup: Orcs Must Die!
:gearthumbsup: Orcs Must Die! 2 :skullz: :parts:
:gearthumbsup: Ori and the Blind Forest :sein:
:gearthumbside: Pixel Puzzles: Japan :goldenpiece:
:gearthumbside: Pixel Puzzles: UndeadZ :deadhead3:
:gearthumbside: Pixel Puzzles 2: Anime :angryfairy: :happyfairy:
:gearthumbside: Pixel Puzzles 2: Birds :goldenbit:
:gearthumbside: Pixel Puzzles 2: RADical ROACH :roachrage:
:gearthumbside: Pixel Puzzles 2: Space :planetearth: :thesun:
:gearthumbsup: Please, Don't Touch Anything :clickbutton: :coffeebreaktime:
:gearthumbsup: Portal
:gearthumbsup: Pyre :gilmanlove:
:gearthumbsdown: qop :Corner_3:
:gearthumbsdown: qop 2 :keybl0ck:
:gearthumbsdown: qop 3
:gearthumbside: Quell
:gearthumbside: Quell Memento
:gearthumbside: Quell Reflect
:gearthumbside: Quell Zen :rock_blocker:
:gearthumbsdown: Rainbow Snake
:gearthumbside: Razortron 2000 :neon_happy:
:gearthumbsup: Revenge of the Titans :EXTRASTRONGCOFFEE:
:gearthumbsup: Rogue Legacy :RogueMimic:
:gearthumbside: Sacred Citadel
:gearthumbsup: Scribblenauts Unlimited :notebook:
:gearthumbsup: Scribblenauts Unmasked :cyborg:
:gearthumbsup: Shank
:gearthumbside: Spoiler Alert :dragonhelmet:
:gearthumbsup: Stardew Valley :tabbycat:
:gearthumbsup: SteamWorld Dig :swdrusty:
:gearthumbsup: Stick Fight: The Game
:gearthumbsup: Stories: The Path of Destinies :Toad:
:gearthumbside: Sudoku Universe :sudoku_red_pen:
:gearthumbsup: Tales from the Borderlands
:gearthumbside: Tangrams Deluxe
:gearthumbside: Tenrow :tenrow_second:
:gearthumbsup: Terraria :terraria:
:gearthumbsup: Tesla vs Lovecraft :aethercrystal:
:gearthumbsup: The Banner Saga :Northmen:
:gearthumbsup: The Banner Saga 2 :theVortex:
:gearthumbsup: The Bridge :face:
:gearthumbside: The Deed :FamilyTree:
:gearthumbsup: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim :windhelm: :solitude:
:gearthumbsup: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
:gearthumbside: The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing :IGOR:
:gearthumbsdown: The Quest for Achievements :purplepattern:
:gearthumbsup: The Walking Dead :Lee:
:gearthumbsup: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings :lethosdream:
:gearthumbsup: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt :Eredin: :Geralt:
:gearthumbsup: The Wolf Among Us
:gearthumbsup: Thomas Was Alone
:gearthumbsup: Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales :TheE:
:gearthumbside: Timberman :TIMBERAXE:
:gearthumbsup: To The Moon :zombieva:
:gearthumbsdown: TOK
:gearthumbsup: Torchlight
:gearthumbsup: Torchlight 2 :died: :luck:
:gearthumbsup: Transistor :cell:
:gearthumbsup: Trine :amadeus:
:gearthumbsup: Trine 2 :thief:
:gearthumbsup: Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power :pontius2:
:gearthumbside: Type:Rider :ampersand:
:gearthumbside: Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior :vcdjanitor:
:gearthumbside: WayOut :red_tile:
:gearthumbside: WayOut 2: Hex :yellow_hex:
:gearthumbsup: Wolf Tails :wolfpawz:
:gearthumbsup: Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap :WBSmile:
:gearthumbside: Zen Chess: Mate in One
:gearthumbsdown: Zup! :Purple_Box:
:gearthumbsdown: Zup! 2 :b_ball: :b_star:
:gearthumbsdown: Zup! 3 :_Play_: :_TL_:
:gearthumbsdown: Zup! 4 :_W_:
:gearthumbsdown: Zup! 5 :_Zero_:
:gearthumbsdown: Zup! 6 :frame08: :hot_springs:
:gearthumbsdown: Zup! 7 :se7en:
:gearthumbsdown: Zup! 8 :ExplosionZ:
:gearthumbsdown: Zup! X :PlanetZ:
:gearthumbsdown: Zup! Zero :_B_: :_J_:
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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
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The Witcher 3 is worth every penny invested. Epic story, full of action and adventure. Well balanced difficulty. In the most difficult mode, the game reaches the right level of challenge.

Each block counts. Divert and counterattack. Watch out for archers! You may think that the great Geralt can hold that arrow, but listen to me, he can't.

Three trees of specialization (combat, alchemy, signs). Magnificent and perfectly related quests. Nothing is there by chance. Lore flawless. Captivating characters. DLCs as good as the original story. Not to mention Gwent, who by itself is already a great game.

Collect the cards, perform missions, hunt for achievements, walk the path, talk to the NPCs and listen to their stories. Everything gives pleasure in this game.

For every RPG fan, for everyone who has enjoyed the previous games of The Witcher, for everyone who has read Andrzej Sapkowski's books, I truly recommend this game.
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Created by - Konjiki
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Este é um guia para obter todas as conquistas do The Banner Saga 3. É um guia para todos os amantes da franquia e aficcionados por conquistas. Estejam avisados que o guia contem spoilers e está sujeito a alterações.

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