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Favourite Quotes/Favourite Citaten

"One man with a gun can control 100 without one." - Vladimir Lenin

"A lie told often becomes the truth". - Vladimir Lenin

"Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names". - John F Kennedy

"The victor will never be asked if he told the truth". - Adolf Hitler

"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken". - Oscar Wilde

"To only read a title, is like only be able to hear". - Matthew K.


Full Name : James Watkinson Cartan
Real Age : 15
Date Birth : 30 April 2002


Favourite Game : Team Fortress 2, Hello Neighbour

Favourite Class/Main Class : Soldier, Pyro, Demoman

Dream Soldier Loadout : Team Captain, Cuban Battle Crisis, Antartic Parka


QFY20 [Best Friend and a person that gifted me L4D2 and CS:GO]
Smiling Caco [Best Friend]
Lil Kat [Cool Guy]
ZeroFox [Poster Maker]
Samsung Galaxy 7 [My personal nemesis :3]
Cedd [My Grandfather]
Ńoopý [Meme Guy]
Robaws [Germany]
shawnyap75 [Looks like f2p but p2p]
bowtiebabe71 [Kind Guy]
BroX [Piss Mann]
Hentai Is A Good Guy [Senpai]
Thomas the dank machine [Senpai]
Alesson [Pro]
⚡lewis4800⚡ [Gentleguy]
mmmkay [Girl xD]
Killswitch [Kind Guy]
Ho Lee Fuk [Meme Guy]
NEKOPARA!!!! [Cool Guy]
Terkoiz [Best Friend]
Chill Out~ [Paladins PRO]
fartbox [Cool Guy]
ThePotatoBoyツ [Kind Trader]
FR4G-TP [Best Friend]
FireDashLatios [Kind Guy]
Tech-Nically [Best Friend]
Mirai [Senpai]

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Favourite Song And Channel


Attention - Charlie Puth
Alan Walker Faded - Alan Walker
Symphony - Zara Larsson
For The Rest Of My Life - Maher Zain
Talking To The Moon - Bruno Mars


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You can donate me if you want, I main soldier so I hope I will get my dream Killstreak Rocket Launcher. I really appreciate if you donated.

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βℝσᶍ[H.G.O.T MOD] Aug 19 @ 7:25am 
Nah but anyways u should do it. Nothing last forever my friends
βℝσᶍ[H.G.O.T MOD] Aug 19 @ 7:23am 
But not directly :/
βℝσᶍ[H.G.O.T MOD] Aug 19 @ 7:23am 
Just do it my friend. We eventually die. Lol really i'm serious 0.0
Hi! Thought I should +rep back. We rarely talk but I know you are an amazing friend. You always reply, and you always say nice things to me, so thank you. Honestly don't know what to put here. Bye.

+rep for being a good friend.

(Let's play sometime)
βℝσᶍ[H.G.O.T MOD] Aug 16 @ 2:17pm 
+rep i never have a serious discussion. Thanks for a serious discussion my friend :D