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i am incredibly cool and also awesome
deathmatchtf [deathmatch.tf] and casualtf [casual.tf] guy
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m4rc May 7 @ 9:20am 
Jikky Apr 30 @ 3:24am 
your tomislav has more kills than population of Bulgaria Finland And Denmark(not together)
RadiusCulling Apr 17 @ 8:44pm 
no dont come you were weird
R.i.p PC (Dave890) Apr 17 @ 1:39am 
Father. It's me, Michael. I did it. I found it. It was right where you said it would be. They were all there. They didn't recognize me at first but then they thought I was you. And I found her. I put her back together, just like you asked me to. She's free now. But something is wrong with me. I should be dead. But I'm not. I've been living in shadows. There is only one thing left for me to do now. I'm going to come find you. I'm going to come find you.
wingman Apr 16 @ 9:44pm 
Hello, Greetings from Philippines..
Im finding. This. Accoint for months.. I just wanna ask something... If this is. Truely. The prince of saudi..

Hello Prince,

I hope you will see this, im writing this. Because my father is an OFW in your. country, i haven't seen my father for. How many year.. I dont know the feeling.to be hug of my father... He. Got stuck in your country he cant.. Go home here in Philippines.. I really want. My father to be back here.. I really.miss.him.alot.. Please do. Read this. I'm not.. Asking for.. Ingame items.. Just my father to be able to gohome again... 4 years. And counting... I cant take it anymore. I hope you can read this.. Please i really need your help.. Its so painful to me. Without a father in myside. Whilr. Growing up..

I really hope you. Can read this...
Thank you so much and god bless.. You.. Prince. And take care always...

Please do believe. Me.
RadiusCulling Apr 14 @ 9:23am 
no you smelled really bad and i told you to move away or put deodorant t on or something but you kept just sitting next to me and not leaving it was really uncomfortable