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WatchinG_U Aug 1 @ 6:16am 
send offer
creamy goober Jul 20 @ 5:00pm 
uhh uh hwhat do 9i dow ith creidts
radiusculling Jul 5 @ 9:57am 
v i'm glad you enjoyed the servers. if there ever ends up being more demand again, i would immediately put them back. unfortunately though right now the only viable one to be open is harvest 1 us
BoPoe Jul 4 @ 1:52pm 
+rep another good community server shut down their europe servers. F
☠SUTTER♛CANE☠ Apr 19 @ 5:54pm 
Hi, I am an Albanian virus but because of poor technology in my country unfortunately I am not able to harm computer. Please be so kind to delete one of your important files yourself and send me your credit car information and then forward me to other users by copy pasting this message. Many thanks for your cooperation! Best regards, Albanian Virus.
كوجاك Jan 27 @ 11:39pm 
omg real?!?!?!?