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I make crappy* GMod UI, "Professional dumbass" :gmod:
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Anyways, welcome to my profile. I like to play many games (mostly sandbox) and I really love programming. I started playing games when I was about 8 or 9, if I had to guess.

If you can't tell by my profile, I kinda like cats :3

My most favorite game, by far, is Garry's Mod. I have over 6k hours so far and I am most likely going to get a LOT more. hehe.
I play some other FPS games like Rainbow Six Siege, but that's really it.

I started off doing drag and drop based coding like scratch, the worked a bit on HTML to learn basic programming knowledge (formatting, good practices, etc.) I then moved on to GLua for Garry's Mod. I stuck with that for a while, until I started learning more about Javascript and how to make Discord bots (Current).
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