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Ostatnio online 1 godz. 51 min temu
Eukleides 16 stycznia o 9:13 
Why can't I edit comments... After restarting game and trainer random values work. There's another bug though (really a bug as it happened many times already) - when I reset shot during goal explosion in replay, game freezes and I have to kill the process.
Eukleides 16 stycznia o 7:37 
Ok, actually if I set momentum ON with force0, ball stays in air.

There's currently a bug with random values not applying to car position and rotation.
Haliosf 15 stycznia o 9:36 
Hi! any chance to update it for 1.57 version? thx
Eukleides 13 stycznia o 5:20 
Hi. Just some idea. I love that in the trainer we can add randomness to values, but sometimes I'd like one value to depend on another, so for example if the ball is closer, the force is lower. I think it would be great if we could do things like car.pos.x = 1.2*ball.pos.x + random(3). That would give us so many new possibilities!

Also, in the past if I didn't apply momentum to ball, it was in place until touched, for at least few months now it falls.
Lucatiel of Mirrah 7 grudnia 2018 o 12:54 
Thanks for the update!
Lucatiel of Mirrah 6 grudnia 2018 o 13:26 
Hey, Rain! Can't use the trainer anymore since last patch. Any news?