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Posted: Nov 18, 2018 @ 7:27pm
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The first thing you should know about Ambition of the Slimes if you are considering picking it up is that although it is a strategy RPG, the emphasis is much more on the "strategy" than the "RPG". Grinding will only help you so much; far more important is choosing the right slimes and making the right moves. If this sounds too stressful, then you may want to seek out another game (however, please note that there is an Easy difficulty which I didn't touch-- I stuck with Normal, plus replayed some levels on Hard and did a few Challenges-- so YMMV).

On the other hand, if a strategy-heavy RPG sounds appealing, then you may like Ambition of the Slimes. The core mechanic is guiding your physically weak slimes over to enemy humans and taking them over. The comical animation for this possession never gets old, and a lot of the fun comes in figuring out the best ways to get the strongest human units on your side. Each type of slime has a special attribute or ability, ranging from teleportation to high defense. Some abilities, like Melt, temporarily weaken its target and makes them easier to possess. As mentioned before, figuring out the right strategy for each stage is extremely important, and although I restarted many maps multiple times to try out different approaches, I never felt that the game was unfair.

The game's story, set in a fantasy world where slimes have suddenly gained this new possession ability and are now on a rampage, is fairly light and entertaining for what it is. The graphics and music have the same sort of fun retro aesthetic featured in other games published by Flyhigh Works, and the controls and UI are well designed and easy to understand, for the most part.

My nitpicks are few. The battle art for the humans tends to be samey-- most of them are some variation on either "Skinny Guy" or "Fanservice Gal". Also, there could've been a little more variety in the music, the localization is sometimes clunky, and the ending could've been better.

Still, in the end, none of these put much of a damper on my overall enjoyment of this game. Fans of strategy games and/or quirky Japanese indie stuff should find a lot to like here.
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