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Short review: *Mute best girl. Also, the mention of "cake-baking" in this game's description should be taken QUITE LITERALLY.

Slightly longer review: If you, like me, played Analogue: A Hate Story and wondered just how a spaceship like the Mugunghwa ended up the way it did, you'll want to play Hate Plus. Given that this is a prequel (of sorts), there are fewer surprises; it's more like the rest of the story is finally being told.

Much like Analogue, most of the story is in the form of data logs written by various residents on board the ship, from commoners, to the ruling class, to the security AI *Mute, with commentary from either *Mute or *Hyun-ae, the computerized waifus from the first game. Some of these passages, like the assault scene, can be tough to read, but all of them help give context to the political and cultural situation on board the ship prior to the events in Analogue. Save files from Analogue can be imported as well, so you can pick up from whatever ending(s) you chose in that, bypassing Hate Plus' opening questionnaire.

If there is one thing I didn't like about Hate Plus, it was the time constraints. There is a mandatory, real-time twelve-hour break separating each route's three "days". I had either somehow forgotten or wasn't aware of this when I started the game, so when I did, shortly before a trip, it became an annoyance. I plowed through the *Hyun-ae route as quickly as I could (without cheating) before going out of town, and didn't do the *Mute one until a few weeks after I had come back. For similar reasons, the cake part was incredibly irritating, and left me with a bitter feeling. In short, I would've had a higher opinion of this game if it was more mindful of the player's time.

Despite these frustrations, if you've played Analogue before and liked it, I do think Hate Plus is worth playing, even if only to complete the story. If you haven't played Analogue, do yourself a favor and play that first for the best experience possible.
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