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I don't think I've gotten sucked into a game like this since I was a child. It reminds me of how I felt playing FF VII for the first time. For me it's a feeling i rarely get from games now days. This game is a master piece and you can tell its been crafted as a labour of love by the people who have worked on it and the first time you play it is something memorable.

The music is maybe my favourite thing from this game and incidentally is how I found it (thanks Spotify!), I absolutely love the outer wilds theme and how It's also used in such a unique way.

The story is not too short, captivating and makes you want to learn more. It can be a little difficult at times where you might get stuck but there is a great spoiler free guide to help you just a bit when you need it.

Graphics are good, nil bugs or crashes for me and despite the recommendation for a controller I much preferred playing on mouse and keyboard.

If you are looking for a new game to play I would grab this now at full price or wait for a steam sale.

Maybe game of the year for me. 10/10 marshmellows.