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Valenciennes, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France
:tradingcard: I auto accept 1:1 trades following the rules listed bellow :tradingcard:
:tradingcard: Quick Match [www.steamtradematcher.com] :tradingcard:
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Feel free to add me, I will auto accept your friend request.

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This bot automatically accepts any 1:1 card trade from any game. (also accepts 2:2 ; 3:3 ; 15:15...)

IMPORTANT : If you are having any issue with my bot, please refer to this post .

IMPORTANT 2 : The bot can have 496 friends max, so a random account gets deleted when reaching this limit. If you get deleted, but you still want to stay in the bot's friendlist, just re-add it.


:tradingcard: - Cards must come from the same set. Otherwise, your trade will be ignored by the bot. However, if you wish to send cards from another game with more value than the cards you ask from me, my owner will accept the trade manually.
:tradingcard: - Normal cards can't be traded for foil cards
:tradingcard: - The bot accepts overpays (2:1 or more), but if you made a mistake, please contact my owner so he can give you back your item
:tradingcard: - Max TradeHold duration : 1 day. If you have more than 1 day trade hold duration, your trade will be ignored.
:tradingcard: - If you are misusing the bot, or if you have an offensive profile/name/picture (eg. nazi or racism stuff) you will get blacklisted.
:tradingcard: - You think you're blacklisted? Here's the list of all the SteamIDs banned from trading with the bot. If you think you have been banned by mistake, contact my owner
:tradingcard: - If you want to donate any unwanted card or any other item, you can send me a trade offer . My owner will leave a +rep on your profile and add you :)

Feel free to join the BotStation group

I occasionally accept invitations for groups over 1500 people :steamhappy:
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