Grey   Denton, Texas, United States
"Here's your cereal box toy! cha-ching!"

Im really obsessed with The Behemoth and as of recent Plants vs Zombies for whatever reason

You might know me as YoBlockTheater on other sites like Twitter and Youtube if you know me at all

Don't ask to play a game with me unless we are mutual friends thanks (i will probably say no most of the time anyway though even if we are friends)

Castle Crashers mains are Hatty, Grey Knight and Pink Knight
Hatty has the highest level (30+) and has max strength and defense

Have yet to finish Alien Hominid

Have finished Castle Crashers once

Have finished Battleblock Theater once (almost twice, currently on chapter 8)

Have finished Pit People once

Please visit my The Behemoth Fan Site []
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FreezyBurn 9. čvc. v 13.24 
i lost my little inferno data
all 2 save files with gold stars on all catalogs
dont know how or why but it happened
FreezyBurn 6. čvc. v 20.18 
honestly the fact that i live in texas and still cant go to rtx is really ♥♥♥♥ed you know?
FreezyBurn 25. čvn. v 10.48 
i cant believe we lost etika
FreezyBurn 25. čvn. v 9.21 
hey so i broke my laptop hard drive while playing battleblock but im back now
FreezyBurn 11. čvn. v 12.16 
well we got banjo in smash now so
BardiX 11. čvn. v 11.11 
Better be a mention of a Rockstar game