Hacked Quinn™
Cells interlinked within cells   Essex, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Je ne veux plus gâcher ma vie avec des histoires,
qui finissent toujours en larmes ou en cauchemars.
Je ne veux plus broyer du noir...

> :EngLang: God save the Queen :EngLang: <
> :TheRooster: горячая линия :TheRooster: <

'Ton corps disparaîtra mais ton âme restera a jamais au sein régiment'

'...a true prince. One of the finest least dedicated men in the world.'

Proud owner of 1 unlimited N-Word pass and 1 unlimited No H0mo pass.

"Dang son. Daaang. I want to work at McDonalds now. Daaang." [streamable.com]

~KGL Rank History~
28/09/16: Recruit ♞
30/10/16: Trooper ♞♞
10/02/17: Hussar ♞♞♞
27/05/17: Lance Corporal ♞♞♞ <
02/07/17: Lance Corporal of Horse ♞♞♞ << (=Cpl)
29/01/18: Corporal of Horse ♞♞♞ <<< (=Sgt)
26/08/18: Cornet (Acting) ♞♞♞♛ (Junior Officer)
22/02/19: Cornet ♞♞♞♛ (Junior Officer)
30/06/19: Left

~Server Responsibilities~
Cavalry_Groupfight_EU ♞ (Hosted via KGL)
Cavalry_Groupfight_EU ♞ (Hosted via FSE)
CNWL Servers
CCL Servers

I only play Blitz, rated 1369 [lichess.org]

~Rocket League~
Standard: Diamond III
Doubles: Diamond III

Master Guardian II
Gut Knife Doppler; "Longclaw"
Butterfly Knife; "Etienne" "Emma <3"
Shadow Blades; "Alpha and Omega"
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myth 10 hours ago 
acc buyer trash, most probably uses hacks, got 9x report
Herishey May 5 @ 8:26am 
I'm going to hide them in my desk, get rekt.
Hacked Quinn™ May 5 @ 8:02am 
They tried to leak my d1ck pics but the filesize was too large, close one there
Hacked Quinn™ May 5 @ 7:54am 
Omw to Herishey's house to read all his passwords of the sticky note next to his PC
Herishey May 5 @ 7:49am 
Hacked Quinn™ May 5 @ 7:41am 
That's literally not how hacking works ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, don't be jealous bc my new csgo team only needs like 2 more votes.