[QRR] Quinn
퀸퀸   Essex, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
'Ton corps disparaîtra mais ton âme restera a jamais au sein régiment'
'...a true prince. One of the finest least dedicated men in the world.'
Proud owner of 1 unlimited N-Word pass and 1 unlimited No Homo pass.

"Dang son. Daaang. I want to work at McDonalds now. Daaang." [streamable.com]

NW Teams

~ Kamikaze (Groupfighting)
~ TBE (Groupfighting)
~ United Kingdom (Cavalry Nations Cup)

'Is there no warrior here that can defeat Hua Xiong!?'
'Amongst men, Lü Bu. Amongst horses, Red Hare.'

We're waiting for it, so light the spark- the weapon of the earth. Thats what we strive for- seasons in the dark; let the seconds stir apart

> :EngLang: God save the Queen :EngLang: <
> :TheRooster: горячая линия :TheRooster: <

~KGL Rank History~
28/09/16: Recruit ♞
30/10/16: Trooper ♞♞
10/02/17: Hussar ♞♞♞
27/05/17: Lance Corporal ♞♞♞ <
02/07/17: Lance Corporal of Horse ♞♞♞ << (=Cpl)
29/01/18: Corporal of Horse ♞♞♞ <<< (=Sgt)
26/08/18: Cornet (Acting) ♞♞♞♛ (Junior Officer)
22/02/19: Cornet ♞♞♞♛ (Junior Officer)
30/06/19: Left

~Server Responsibilities~
Cavalry_Groupfight_EU ♞ (Hosted via KGL)
Cavalry_Groupfight_EU ♞ (Hosted via FSE)
EU_Commander ⚔ (On trial)
CNWL Servers ♞ (2018 Referee)
CCL Servers ♞ (2019 Referee)

I only play Blitz, rated 1307 [lichess.org] (10/05/2018)

~Rocket League~
Standard: Diamond III
Doubles: Diamond III

Master Guardian II
Gut Knife Doppler; "Longclaw"
Butterfly Knife; "Etienne" "Emma <3"
Shadow Blades; "Alpha and Omega"
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UK Cavalry Team 2017
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"Infantry are the real alphas of Nw" ~ Quinn being a nonce 2k20
[QRR] Quinn May 25 @ 12:51pm 
OK will do
Ats2 May 25 @ 12:41pm 
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hospital May 25 @ 10:56am 
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[QRR] Quinn May 25 @ 10:48am 
Friendship with Ats2 ended, Fats2 is my new best friend
Ats2 May 25 @ 10:26am 
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