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Thyme : to beat a retard you have to play like one
Hey brother, what you thinking?
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I play hl pyro and 6s med

One day, you said to me, "I saw the sunset forty-four times!"
And a little later you added:
"You know-- one loves the sunset, when one is so sad..."
"Were you so sad, then?" I asked, "on the day of the forty-four sunsets?"
But the little prince made no reply.
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"Ah!" the captain said, pointing at her. "I can see you have a reply - I see it in your eyes, young miss! Spit it out. Words aren't meant to be kept inside, you see. They are free creatures, and if locked away will unsettle the stomach."

11:21 PM - HelpMotherFuckerTheyCominToGetMe: there is a finite amount of enjoyment in each game. The goal is to take it all from the enemy and keep it for yourself

11:27 PM - HelpMotherFuckerTheyCominToGetMe: "stop playing pyro you retard"
11:27 PM - HelpMotherFuckerTheyCominToGetMe: "shut the fuck up and respect my prem plays"

11:51 PM - da slickest dey iz: ythe fmraeakntyeam
11:51 PM - da slickest dey iz: the dreamteam*

alfredont do drugsauce : you may have won the battle
alfredont do drugsauce : but
alfredont do drugsauce left the game (Disconnect by user.)

3:54 PM - Jack: If you can cook a baby you can cook anything
3:54 PM - Jack: I don't know why I said that
3:54 PM - Jack: Forgive me

4:39 PM - davi: wanan know
4:39 PM - davi: my deepest
4:39 PM - davi: darkest
4:39 PM - davi: secret
5:44 PM - bird 🐤: yes
5:47 PM - davi: my earlobes
5:47 PM - davi: r huge
5:48 PM - davi is now Offline.

10:40 PM - BLUE EYES ULTIMATE BIRD 🌿: Good evne
10:40 PM - BLUE EYES ULTIMATE BIRD 🌿: Fuck me sideways I can't koybeoard

[11:40:11 PM] egg: dr einstein looked down at the petri dish
[11:40:15 PM] egg: a small worm wriggling around it
[11:40:22 PM] egg: he looks at his assistant, furious
[11:40:24 PM] egg: he asks
[11:40:26 PM] egg: whta the fuck is this
[11:40:33 PM] egg: the assitant says" it's a worm, sir"
[11:40:38 PM] egg: einstein stares at the worm
[11:40:57 PM] egg: "it's just a fucking leg" he screams as he starts knocking equipment off the table
[11:41:08 PM] egg: "really what the fuck even are worms????" he bellows
[11:41:16 PM] egg: all of the other staff has to be evacuated from the building
[11:41:21 PM] egg: einstein can't be stopped

12:55 AM - h a m l e g: but like
12:55 AM - h a m l e g: yeah
12:55 AM - h a m l e g: fuckin
12:55 AM - h a m l e g: snakes
12:55 AM - h a m l e g: life's mysteries
12:56 AM - h a m l e g: like
12:56 AM - h a m l e g: einstein had just finished a conference
12:56 AM - h a m l e g: and a young student walked up to him with a box
12:56 AM - h a m l e g: and the student looked really worried and said "this just doesn't make any sense"
12:57 AM - h a m l e g: and he opened the box and einstein looked inside and he was like "holy fuckin shit dog i can't explain this this doesn't apply to the theory of relativity what the fuck is this a neck or a tail"
12:57 AM - h a m l e g: and then einstein told him to put it away and he went home and drank a glass of scotch but he was always very unnerved by the experience

4:48 PM - Quincey #: wow leg you are such a great person you know
4:49 PM - Quincey #: i dont tell you often
4:49 PM - Quincey #: and i really should
4:49 PM - Quincey #: a+
4:49 PM - spooky leg: screams thank u but try saying that to the dead bodies of my neighbors

2:00 AM - Scooter Extreme: oh my god
2:00 AM - Scooter Extreme: i was thinking about minotaurs
2:00 AM - Scooter Extreme: imagine like
2:00 AM - Scooter Extreme: a giant human head
2:01 AM - Scooter Extreme: with cow legs that just come out of the neck
2:01 AM - Scooter Extreme: that's it
2:01 AM - Scooter Extreme: it just charges at people and tries to bite them to death

[10:51:03 PM] #1 ghost advneturerer: imagine seeing elvis gyrate
[10:51:05 PM] #1 ghost advneturerer: i would cry
[10:51:07 PM] #1 ghost advneturerer: i wouldn't want to see it
[10:51:27 PM] #1 ghost advneturerer: i'd be one girl crying in the crowd of other crying girls but not beacuse of infatuation

[9:08:16 PM] a policeman officer: http://images.costumesgalore.net/products/119/1-1/tweety-bird-costume.jpg tweety's large, deformed cranium vomiting out a human hea
[9:08:18 PM] a policeman officer: d
[9:08:33 PM] a policeman officer: WHY CAN YOU ZOOM IN SO CLOSE
[9:08:40 PM] court: this girl found tweety and just crawled inside
[9:09:03 PM] a policeman officer: tweety just found this girl and crawled around
[9:10:06 PM] court: oh mgOD
[9:11:08 PM] a policeman officer: tweety slash fic : Tweety finds his prize, a voluptious female hominid. He unhinges his lower jaw. Satisfaction is coming fast.
[9:12:11 PM] court: noO GOD
[9:12:13 PM] court: NO

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