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OW BAN ON CSGO, VAC ON COD (almost 2k days old):
I play csgo from this account for now:
My smurf account got banned by overwatch for "cheating", apparently I had the same phonenumber connected to that account and this which led to this account also getting banned.
Screens of ban info: this account: smurf:
Link to banned smurf: (was gold nova 2 when banned)

Quote from steam support: "Overwatch Investigators have unanimously agreed on the offense you've been found guilty of. Removing Overwatch bans would reduce confidence in the Overwatch system and go against the trust we've placed in our users to accurately identify cheaters and griefers. I'm sorry we can't be of more help with this."

Quote from John McDonald (CSGO Dev): "We will not overturn Overwatch jury bans. You should not have linked your accounts by phone number, but since you did I cannot revert the ban on your main account either. However, Overwatch bans do not prevent you from playing in Valve sponsored events—only VAC bans do."

I have never cheated in Counter Strike and would do anything to prove it :)
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