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Who would have thought this would come in handy during the summer sale? ^-^
Posted June 30, 2019.
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This Review was updated on the 12th of September. My first Review was highly negative due to the horrible state the game was released in. However, since then all the bugs I have mentioned in the said review have been fixed. Which is why I decided to re-review it.

If you don’t like long reviews, check the Verdict at the end of it. Thank you!

Car Mechanic Simulator 18 is the 3rd instalment of the Car Mechanic Simulator Series.
Personally, i only played 2015, so I can’t draw comparisons to the 2014 version. However, after playing 74 hours in Car Mechanic Simulator 15 and now 27 hours of Car Mechanic Simulator 18, I think I'm in a good position to write my review.

What is it about?
If you never played Car Mechanic Simulator let me start by telling you a bit about the game concept.The base idea of the game is pretty simple and straightforward. You will be thrown into a basic garage which you can upgrade, together with an endless amount of randomly generated jobs. These Jobs range from simple stuff like changing the oil to advanced things that have you find out engine problems and fix them. The game also includes a few “Story” Jobs. But the only real difference is that you get a little story text alongside the actual job, so nothing worth talking about really, still a nice touch. The game also gives you the possibility to buy junkers, used, and (since a patch) brand new cars. However, the core gameplay aspect will always be to change parts on cars. Unlike, let's say, Street Legal Redline you won’t have an open world to drive around in and race others, however, they did add a racetrack in one of the patches but as far as I know it is only a time trial. But personally, i’m not too bothered about that. This game is, as the title says, a car mechanic simulator, so I don’t mind spending most of the time in the garage. It's what I expect and what you should too if you buy it :) The game has a perk system as well as a money aspect to it. You get XP and Money from jobs or from fixing up cars you buy. The XP you get to spend on equipment for your garage, or garage upgrades in general (such as more lifters or a path test), the money is mostly used to buy cars and parts. To my pleasant surprise, there are already mods out there, and the devs have announced to add Steam Workshop support in the future. While I come to speak about the devs, I'd like to go into a bit of detail what happened since launch. In my first review, i bashed the game very hard, and I still think it deserved it. BUT I have to admit that the developers have released patch after patch and pretty much worked their butts off to fix it. However, they still don’t get any medals for that. That should be expected, and there's no way I'm going to act as if they did us a favour in doing so. It was their job. But I'm glad they actually did it at least. So while I won’t give them standing ovations like a lot of people seem to do, I will praise them for working very hard and fixing their mistakes.
Anyway, let's get on. Since I would imagine most people played the previous game, I decided to add a section to this review dedicated to what has improved.

What has improved compared to the previous version?
  • There are a lot more parts in the game, and for the first time, certain parts have other parts attached to them. For example, you can take off the wheels, which are made up of Rim and Tires and you have to use a tool to separate both. It does that with quite a few parts which add a lot of depth.
  • Lot more cars
  • The garage is changing visually with upgrades you invest. No more yellow tapes on doors. However, they also stripped you of the ability to change wallpapers, floor colours and stuff like that.
  • Parts are now branded (All made-up brands, unfortunately, but perhaps it could be something people can mod)
  • Interior parts such as seats have been implemented
  • Barn finds have been added
  • A racetrack was added (no AI opponents though)
  • The Junkyard is also a nice little addition that lets you find parts or even entire junk cars
  • Ability to buy brand new cars (honestly I have no clue why anyone would want to but hey it's there)
  • Mod Support (well that was there last year but this year there are actual mods being made :D)
  • Steam Achievements (broken at release, they work now)

Stuff i didn’t like:
No game is perfect and Car Mechanic Simulator 18 certainly isn’t. Here are some things that annoy me.
  • The Horrible Release State. There was no reason for that whatsoever, especially because the developers have proven they can fix it. There is no excuse why they didn’t just sit on it a few more weeks before releasing it.
  • The Grind. It's just as much as it was in 15, if not worse. To give you an example, you need to be level 30 to unlock the tool that lets you fix body parts. That takes absolutely ages of grinding. Some people say it's not that bad if you just take on fast jobs, but it can hardly be a good thing if people need to do that in the first place. I don’t see why they wouldn’t just let you buy equipment.
  • DLC policy. This is something people will always going to argue about, but to me, having DLC cars all over the trailer, hell even having cars from the Dodge DLC right there in the main menu, just leaves a bitter taste for me.
  • Poor Optimization. It improved but the forums are still full of reports of this, and one thing I personally have experienced as well is that this game makes my GPU heat up pretty easily. Nothing too crazy, but it is noticeable. Usually, my temperature is between 35°C and 45°C, max 55°C in most games. However, it easily reaches 70 when I play this game. It's still not an issue, but something I did notice and should mention


If you would have asked me “Is it worth a buy” at release, or even 2 weeks after that...my answer would have been “No way in Hell” But the developers were able to fix their mess, and it is a big enough improvement over the last game for me to justify the asking price. I mean if you look at this, chances are you already know what the game is all about and played the previous game. So the whole “Gets a bit old after 30 hours” is not something that will keep you from playing it. And honestly, it's not something that keeps me from playing never play this game for hours and hours on end, but I do come back to it pretty much every week. So yeah, I think you should go for it and test it out. Refunds are always an option if you, but for me, it's a very solid game now.
Posted August 1, 2017. Last edited September 12, 2017.
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Adding Microtransaction to a game that was released in 2011...what kind of retard would come up with that?
Posted June 18, 2017.
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Early Access Review
Well this one is an easy quick review really. Because i'm going to put as much effort into it as the dev put into this game.

-Don't buy, it's abandoned with the dev nowhere to be seen. The last update was in the summer of 2016, and it's not worth any money in the state it was left in-

Hey that was even quicker than i expected
Posted January 3, 2017.
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I did a review before, Back then i had 18 Hours playtime. Now i gained a lot more hours on it :D
Back then my Review was not very detailed and since then Euro Truck Simulator 2 got updated constantly and has much more to offer by now, i decided to redo my review. So let's begin shall we? :3
(For those who don't want to read a book and expect a review in form of an IGN Joke - 10/10 would relax again)

The General Idea of the Game/Whats it about
The easiest answer would obviously be "Driving Trucks" B-But wait! That's not all there is to know silly. This game is in all reality a "Relax and listen to a Podcast/Music while you drive Simulator". This game is about you, your truck and an open Europe to travel across. How you do it, what trucks you will drive, what cargo you will haul or the places you will see is all up to you.


Game Start and Quick Jobs
The game starts you off as a hired driver. You have no money, no truck and only a rusty empty garage to work with. So what do you do? You work your butt off with "Quick Jobs" In these jobs you will get put inside a truck and just drive to the destination. In this starting phase of the game your goal should be to make as much Money as possible and of course to level up (More to the level system below).

Freight Market and your own Truck
After you are level 6 or 7, which is about 2 hours in the game, you finally have enough Money to buy your first truck!
(You could also take a bank loan and do it faster. This is where the game starts to become fun and somewhat addicting. There you sit. In your own little truck, in your rusty garage. What now? Now you can start making the big money. Instead of getting hired for an apple and a hug, you will now be paid directly by the Companies. All that freight money goes into your pocket. So you select a freight from the "Freight Market" Unlike "Quick Jobs" you will not just spawn in place. You have to physically drive to the loading spot. So don't choose something on the other side of the Country because you will have to drive there. This will be your life from now on. You pick a job, you drive to the loading dock, pick it up, and deliver it to the destination. Then you will get paid, and based on how you did you will get rated with XP to level up.

The Level System:
As mentioned many many times above. The game has a level system. You earn XP to spend in the following categories to unlock freight and boost income.

Lets you haul more dangerous cargo like gasoline or toxic stuff
Long Distance
Lets you take on jobs with a longer distance which will be higher paid
High Value Cargo
Expensive equipment such as diggers and forklifts
Fragile Cargo
Glass, Cars, Electronics and so on
Just-in-time Delivery
Deliveries with a shorter but more rewarding deadline
Makes your trucks consume lesser fuel

In addition to your own skillset, your hired drivers will also level up in these. Which makes a level 30 driver far more productive than a rookie. Hired drivers brings us to the next aspect: Management

The Management Aspect
After you made some Money, leveled up, bought more trucks and upgraded + bought new garages. You should start hiring drivers on your own. They will deliver cargo for you, just like you do. You equip them with a truck and they will bring in money. At first very little, up to 1000€. But soon you will have lots of drivers, and the higher their level, the more money they will make you. In the late game you will have so much money that you don't know what to do with it. Which is one of my biggest concern about the game. Once you reach a certain point you will just never run out of money. You will have millions and millions. Which makes it so the late game is literally only about the driving aspect. Which is not a major problem for me, but it might be for you, so please keep that in mind.

As your level grows you will unlock more trucks and more parts for you to customize your truck with. You can even install mods that add more tuning parts. (Like you can install mods for basically everything in this game) You can also upgrade the trucks of your hired drivers, though that doesn't really do much since you won't see them on the road. :D

Graphics, Audio and Performance

Don't expect Crysis. But the game looks beautiful enough in my opinion. The weather effects just got overhauled and I catch myself sitting there thinking "What an amazing View, lets take a Screenshot of that" far more often than in a lot of other Games. The Truck models look beautiful and they are all fully licensed. The Dashboards all are functional and you really feel the love SCS (the developer) has put into them. I had some odd Shadow bugs earlier on but it seems they have been fixed since then

This is one of the strongest aspects of this game. To be fair, SCS improved quite a lot here as well, compared to when the game was first released. From the sound of rain dripping on your cabin, to the rumbling of a thunderstorm, the sounds are just beautiful. The trucks themselves sound amazing! And not just the engine sounds, also the little levers in the truck itself has sound, and it just helps to immerse you in this game so much. Only the beeping sound. when you reverse from inside the cabin is way too loud in my personal opinion. I have never used a sound Mod since playing this game. I know they exist, and of course I use them for modded trucks but i never used one that changes the original sounds, but i just never felt the need to do so.

Now i have to say my PC is one of the weakest. I'm still using an old ATI HD4650 and a dual core processor, but I can get the game to a steady 30-35 FPS (20 in cities) on Medium Settings. If you use mods, especially big ones, such as the ProMods Map or the TSM Map, that number will obviously decrease, but I'm very happy with that aspect of the game.

Pros and Cons + Verdict

+ Fun and Relaxing Driving
+ Fully Licensed Trucks
+ Customization
+ Big and Active Modding Community incl. a MP Mod
+ Decent AI
+ Amazing Audio
+ Great Performance
+ Good Looking
+ Full Steering Wheel and Controller Support

- Late Game far too Easy
- Managment Aspect not deep enough

Its one of my favorite driving games and the fact that I can only find 2 flaws with it makes me give it a strong 95%. If you are into trucks, or just want a relaxing open world driving game, get it.
Posted January 16, 2016. Last edited November 26, 2018.
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Let me first start of by saying this DLC DOES work! Not sure why so many guys seem to have problems with it. Works fine for me.

Now back to rating the DLC :D

The Route is beautiful. I can't say if it looks like the real route since i never been to the Isle of Wight but it looks pretty good to me. It comes with several scenarios aswell as a Class 483 Tube Train and 0-4-0ST Steam Loco. I love the fact that they use an old London Underground Tube Train :D Both Locos look nice and are easy to drive.

It is a fun little cosy route and well worth the 11 Bucks i paid for it durring the Sale
Posted March 8, 2015.
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Always Sometimes Monsters - The first time i heard that name i thought "What the hell is that?" A weird title that got my attention quite some time ago. A dude i know told me about it a couple of months ago. I checked it out but i wasn't ready to pay for it. Now it was part of the Humble Bundle so i grabbed it. And boy...i'm glad about that. I'd rate the game a 7/10

The Pixelart workes great on that Game. It might turn some people down but not me. Like i said. it works great with that game. The Story is the core of this game. It makes you think about stuff. Thats something i like about games like these. They are not only there to empty your pockets and make you feel like a badass hero. 'Always Sometimes Monsters', tries to make you think about something. It has a goal. An that goal is not for you to reach the end of the story as fast as you can. the goal is to give you something to think about when you're done with it. It will stick in your head. I can't say too much without spoiling anything lets say...love is a big part of it. Gameplaywise you won't find anything special here. there is nothing that will blow your mind. The game has a story and a goal. And thats what it focuses on. And it does a good job. Give it a try if you like good storys with twists and WTF moments. It will be worth your time.
Posted November 25, 2014. Last edited November 26, 2014.
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Still a great game. If you haven't played IV yet i highly recomment you to do. ALSO if you're into modding or police. Go check out www.lcpdfr.com for a great mod that let's you play as a Cop. With lots of feutures and a big community.
Posted August 11, 2014.
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