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isha rama 2 hours ago 
Worst Left 4 Dead player EVER!!!
🎍 ♦ 🍆 Rascal, am I? Take THAT!
💗 ♦ 🚕 -- Errol Flynn 🌋👔😺
HoneyKaii Apr 29 @ 4:14pm 
i hev a crush on u
light-dark-wrath Mar 16 @ 3:04am 
hey why do poeple say mean things if you got nothing nice to say shut up. if you got nice things to say do so. it is common decency. have fun playing games everyone
Smug Feliz Mar 4 @ 10:43pm 
Hey, my names Steve.

I have autism, Alzheimer's, coronavirus, HIV, AIDS, a cleft lip, half of my brain, my parents are getting a divorce, my cat died, I lost my leg in an accident and I'm blind and deaf.

I just wanted to tell you to have a nice day!
JEFF MAIN Feb 16 @ 8:35pm 
+rep threw her 20 feet and she didn't leave a dent