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Personal Achievements


Craft 1 weapon!

Skilled Craftsman!

Craft 10 weapons!

Exquisite Artisan!

Craft 30 weapons!

Artificer Adept!

Craft 75 weapons!

Grand Architect!

Craft 150 weapons!


1 Enemy Defeated!

Worldly Conqueror!

20 Enemies Defeated!

Slayer of Solar Systems!

50 Enemies Defeated!

Galactic Gladiator!

100 Enemies Defeated!

Inter-Galactic Warmonger!

250 Enemies Defeated!

Final Frontier Pioneer!

1 Exploration Completed!

Extraterrestrial Explorer!

10 Explorations Completed!

Solar System Surveyor!

30 Explorations Completed!

Galaxy Trotter!

75 Exploration Completed!

Inter-Galactic Interloper!

150 Exploration Completed!

A for effort!

1 Research completed!


5 Researches Completed!

For Science!

10 Researches Completed!

To Infinity and Beyond!

25 Researches Completed!


All Researches Completed!

Here we go... !

1 Training Session Completed!

Blood, Sweat and Tears!

10 Training Sessions Completed!

Queens of Pain!

25 Training Sessions Completed!


50 Training Sessions Completed!

Task Mistress!

100 Training Sessions Completed!


Hire Barbrie!

Azuka Kyuryu!

Hire Azuka Kyuryu!

Kyurei Anayami!

Hire Kyurei Anayami!

Silver Spudder!

Hire Silver Spudder!

Tarth Tater!

Hire Tarth Tater!

Dr. What!

Hire Dr. What!

Kale-o Ren!

Hire Kale-o Ren!


Hire Einny!

It’s the Eye of the ... !

Collect the Eye of the Kraken!

He’s not fat! He’s … !

Collect the Remains of Fluffy!

Going for Gold!

Collect the Gold Figurine!

Settling for Silver!

Collect the Silver Figurine!

Gotta go… uh, wham!

Collect the Sonic Hammer!

Her hair was Pink!

Collect the Dead Mouse!

Go! Chillimander!

Collect the Red Potaball!

Get ‘em! Squirturnip!

Collect the Blue Potaball!

Let’s go! Broccosaur!

Collect the Green Potaball!

We are the Champions!

Collect the Magenta League Champion Belt!

In a bit of a Pickle!

Collect the Jar of Pickles!

Love is the way forward!

Collect the Rainbow Gem!

Spirited Today!

Collect the Sanguine Paragon!

Explorer! Curiosity killed the...

100% Galaxy Exploration! Curiosity Killed the... !

Explorer! Sleeping Beauty

100% Galaxy Exploration! Sleeping Beauty!

Explorer! A Hero's Journey!

100% Galaxy Exploration! A Hero's Journey!

Explorer! Raiders of the Lost Quark

100% Galaxy Exploration! Raiders of the Lost Quark!

Explorer! Who you Gonna Call? PestBusters!

100% Galaxy Exploration! Who you Gonna Call? PestBusters!!

Explorer! Return of the Cheese Heroes

100% Galaxy Exploration! Return of the Cheese Heroes!

Explorer! Familiar Faces

100% Galaxy Exploration! Familiar Faces!

Explorer! Phantom of the Space Opera

100% Galaxy Exploration! Phantom of the Space Opera!

Explorer! Pirates of the Carrobean

100% Galaxy Exploration! Pirates of the Carrobean!

Explorer! Whale, Whale, Whale! What do we have here?!

100% Galaxy Exploration! Whale, Whale, Whale! What do we have here?!!

Explorer! Jail Break!

100% Galaxy Exploration! Jail Break!!

Explorer! Familiar Faces...?

100% Galaxy Exploration! Familiar Faces...?!

Explorer! The Crimson Ruins

100% Galaxy Exploration! The Crimson Ruins!

Explorer! The Edge of the Universe

100% Galaxy Exploration! The Edge of the Universe!

Explorer! Fay Story: Stones of the Ulaya!

100% Galaxy Exploration! Fay Story: Stones of the Ulaya!

Explorer! Cassie Story: Stones of the Ulaya!

100% Galaxy Exploration! Cassie Story: Stones of the Ulaya!

Explorer! The Loyal Hound

100% Galaxy Exploration! The Loyal Hound!

Explorer! The Unpredictable Doctor

100% Galaxy Exploration! The Unpredictable Doctor!

Explorer! The Thorny Rose

100% Galaxy Exploration! The Thorny Rose!

Explorer! The Final Siege

100% Galaxy Exploration! The Final Siege!

The Evil Eye stalks you!

Completed the Secret Storyline!

Maximum Efficiency!

Max out Engine Efficiency Research!

Revved up and ready to go!

Max out Engine Power Research!

Just a little bit more...!

Max out Refinement Research!


Max out Greater Refinement Research!

Enlightened engineering!

Max out Shield Efficiency Research!

Tank up!

Max out Reinforced Plating Research!


Max out Surprise Attack Research!

Hot iron! Strike it!

Max out Opportunist Research!

Ever ready!

Max out Combat Preparedness Research!

Duct tape salvation!

Max out Repair Crews Research!

Everything is under control!

Max out Improved Repairs Research!

Someone's looking out for ya!

Research Guardian Angel!

Show me the money!

Max out $tarch Minded Research!

Fortitude of the mind!

Max out Mental Resilience Research!

Zombies?! Aliens?! Kaiju?! No problem!

Max out Disaster Planning Research!

Amazing for an amateur!

1 S Rank Weapon Crafted!

Keep on rocking, rookie!

5 S Rank Weapons Crafted!

Great job, greenhorn!

10 S Rank Weapons Crafted!

Very nice, veteran!

25 S Rank Weapons Crafted!

Marvelous, maestro!

50 S Rank Weapons Crafted!

Hah! A Fluke!

1 SS Rank Weapon Crafted!

Pfft! Lucky!

3 SS Rank Weapons Crafted!

Alright, you've got some skill!

5 SS Rank Weapons Crafted!

You've proven your point!

10 SS Rank Weapons Crafted!

Fine! You're the best! Geez.

20 SS Rank Weapons Crafted!

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