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Singapore -> Canada

I have moved continents
Goodbye my old friends, thanks for all the fun times and good memories shared, I will always cherish them
You know who you are

Who knows, maybe we'll get to play again someday

tier 8, lvl 150 pub stomper
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Dumb Moments :frogzone:

Rol.: What +2
Rol.: You get 2 points when you drop ah
Rol.: Idk sia

Xx_3DGYPu$$yDestr0yer69_xX: lmao
Xx_3DGYPu$$yDestr0yer69_xX: why would it be creepy bb
Xx_3DGYPu$$yDestr0yer69_xX: and it could be both yknow
Xx_3DGYPu$$yDestr0yer69_xX: obsessive .55
Xx_3DGYPu$$yDestr0yer69_xX: obsessive yet loving .55
quantum: damn
quantum: thats pretty gay
Xx_3DGYPu$$yDestr0yer69_xX: lmao
Xx_3DGYPu$$yDestr0yer69_xX: it's
Xx_3DGYPu$$yDestr0yer69_xX: f r i e n d s h i p
quantum: <3
quantum: no homo tho
Xx_3DGYPu$$yDestr0yer69_xX: <3
Xx_3DGYPu$$yDestr0yer69_xX: but of course
quantum: you didnt say it..
Xx_3DGYPu$$yDestr0yer69_xX: or maybe theres homo afterall
quantum: this is unsettling
Xx_3DGYPu$$yDestr0yer69_xX: indeed
Xx_3DGYPu$$yDestr0yer69_xX: dont talk to me

(TEAM) homie with an extra chromie : youre my buddy
(TEAM) homie with an extra chromie : :)
(Voice) buddy of nobody: No
(TEAM) buddy of nobody : no ur not
* homie with an extra chromie changed name to nobody
(TEAM) nobody : i got you
buddy of nobody : FUCK

Sateesh : bunbuns <3
bunbuns left the game (Disconnect by user.)

(PARTY) dea: '[psd
(PARTY) quantum: yes
(PARTY) dea: sorry
(PARTY) dea: my catg
(PARTY) quantum: crazy cat lady
(TEAM) dea : y, sd;'[
*DEAD*(TEAM) dea : omfg
(PARTY) dea: i got one on my keyboard
(PARTY) dea: one on my mousepad

(PARTY) blehh ♥: db is fertile farmland

(PARTY) quantum: am i not your friend
(PARTY) suspicious tissue: no
(PARTY) quantum: what am i then
(PARTY) suspicious tissue: acquaintance
(PARTY) quantum: wtf

[DEAD][TEAM] Xenome. : i took it for u babe
[DEAD][TEAM] Xenome. : *moans

[TEAM] Rae Lil Black : u know the solly whip
[TEAM] Potato Doggo : nae nae
[TEAM] Rae Lil Black : say -25% damage penalty
[TEAM] Rae Lil Black : what does it mean
[TEAM] Rae Lil Black : less damage?
[TEAM] Potato Doggo : yes
[TEAM] Potato Doggo : wtf
[TEAM] Rae Lil Black : u deal lesser damage?
[TEAM] oxygen thief : wtf eve
[TEAM] Potato Doggo : eh
[TEAM] Rae Lil Black : is deal or take more dmg
[TEAM] Potato Doggo : u download tf2 ystd ah
[TEAM] Potato Doggo : deal
[TEAM] Rae Lil Black : no wonder
[TEAM] Rae Lil Black : LOL
[TEAM] Potato Doggo : omg
[TEAM] oxygen thief : tf
[TEAM] oxygen thief : HOW
[TEAM] Rae Lil Black : sry la
[TEAM] Rae Lil Black : first time soly

[TEAM] Rae Lil Black : i change the whip
[TEAM] Rae Lil Black : now my damage like good
[TEAM] Rae Lil Black : no wonder last time my dh cannot kill ppl
[TEAM] Potato Doggo : solly main liao
[TEAM] Potato Doggo : huh
[TEAM] Potato Doggo : wdym
[TEAM] Rae Lil Black : my dh
[TEAM] Rae Lil Black : dmg 112 only
[TEAM] oxygen thief : oh no
[TEAM] Potato Doggo : the dmg penatly
[TEAM] Rae Lil Black : i see ppl dmg 130
[TEAM] Potato Doggo : is only for the melee
[TEAM] Potato Doggo : HAHAHHAHA
[TEAM] Rae Lil Black : CHEY
[TEAM] Rae Lil Black : cb
[TEAM] Rae Lil Black : LOL
[TEAM] Potato Doggo : OMG EVE
[TEAM] oxygen thief : i want to
[TEAM] oxygen thief : face palm
[TEAM] oxygen thief : so bad
[TEAM] Rae Lil Black : means doesnt effect wat

[PARTY] Max: u speak chingchong ?
[PARTY] pyro mains were bron retareded: `es
[PARTY] pyro mains were bron retareded: yes
[PARTY] Max: ^
[PARTY] pyro mains were bron retareded: ching chong god
[PARTY] pyro mains were bron retareded: ever heard of that?
[PARTY] Max: im chingchong too

[PARTY] pain la bodoh: can kick thor?
[PARTY] pain la bodoh: he trashtalk me
[PARTY] créme de la pénis: u sure
[PARTY] pain la bodoh: 100%
[PARTY] pain la bodoh: wtahc this
[TEAM] pain la bodoh : thor
[TEAM] pain la bodoh : rmb max?
T H O R left the game (Disconnect by user.)

Sir Lagsalot : payback time guys
Sir Lagsalot left the game (Disconnect by user.)

[TEAM] mon amour : thats a trap
[TEAM] mon amour : not falling for it
[TEAM] fat cheque : is it you are one
[TEAM] Eve : sometime trap are prettier
[TEAM] fat cheque : omg true sia
[TEAM] jye : agree
[TEAM] Eve : i dont think falling for a trap is tat bad

fat cheque joined the party
[PARTY] mon amour: my second favourite machil
[PARTY] mon amour: machik
[PARTY] Eve: who the first
[PARTY] mon amour: licht la
[PARTY] fat cheque: call me fat cheque
[TEAM] Eve : rofl i no see licht for so long
[TEAM] Eve : maybe now pregnant
[TEAM] mon amour : LOL
[TEAM] Eve : pls no tell him
[TEAM] Eve : later i got scolding
[TEAM] Eve : like macik full time job is to get pregnant

[PARTY] R . A . Y . E . D: So I was in the toilet
[PARTY] R . A . Y . E . D: today
[PARTY] R . A . Y . E . D: checking out
[PARTY] R . A . Y . E . D: hot girls on instagram
[PARTY] quantum: hmm
[PARTY] R . A . Y . E . D: Suddenly I saw a naked one it was so sudden I got scared she was kinda ugly
[PARTY] R . A . Y . E . D: and my phone was about to fall in the toilet
[PARTY] Manglu: old woman
[PARTY] R . A . Y . E . D: Good expericnce

[PARTY] ^_^: lets molest rei she afk now

[PARTY] quantum: possum your voice very soothing sia
[PARTY] quantum: can you sing a lullaby
[PARTY] possum: LMFAO
[PARTY] possum: sorry I only do hardcore rap
[PARTY] possum: no can do
[PARTY] quantum: WAH
[PARTY] possum: ok I take it back
[PARTY] possum: wait what are you basing this off of
[PARTY] quantum: i think if you read me a fairy tale now'[i will fall asleep sia
[PARTY] possum: just my comms?
[PARTY] quantum: yaaa
[PARTY] possum: HAHAHA
[PARTY] ^_^: possum u seduce too much with voice
[PARTY] possum: maybe I should say some sexy widowmaker lines

[DEAD][TEAM] V1xinityyy : our engi constipation i think
[DEAD][TEAM] dEi : ya lor
[TEAM] V1xinityyy : so long still havent pang the sentry out

[12:50 AM]
ok im gon be better i got ma alcohol
ok nvm
KnJ. Sep 8 @ 11:36am 
bye :<
idi_eh ♡ Jun 26 @ 2:03am 
(PARTY) quanzieeee: holy ♥♥♥♥ im so good at this game
Rol. Jun 13 @ 11:00am 
meow meow's sayang: rol too kinky not to shag
Rol. Jun 9 @ 8:49am 
i don't only choke on my saliva ;)
Polite Boy May 18 @ 9:21pm 
-rep trash player