Griesheim, Hessen, Germany
Brony, Nerd, Furry, Apple fanboy, loves pizza and pasta, has a Second Life™

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Inkmeister. 14. úno. 2018 v 11.17 
Aww, I hope you will be okay~
Inkmeister. 23. dub. 2016 v 3.34 
Hi cute Bat Pony, how are you?
kebokyo 20. dub. 2016 v 17.10 
I have no idea who you are but I'm adding you anyway.
GERRIDIRAH 20. led. 2016 v 8.12 
Buzzball licks your face.
Disabled 4. pro. 2015 v 19.57 
I thought I might shoot an add your way. Honestly, no particular reason other than... *Shrugs* I've seen your pics!~ I thought we might be decent friends. :)
Ωmeggga 19. lis. 2015 v 0.12 
adorable ^^