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⎛⎝Ɋ13€5⎠⎞   Olympia, Washington, United States
:f1_bat: If you can't accept who i am, then don't try to. :f1_bat:
:steamsalty: My personal PC build [linustechtips.com] :steamsalty:


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Random crap about me
NOTE:I accept random invites here, (with certain exceptions). I enjoy seeing what people do in the social tabs.
Fun fact: Im in the credits of superhot.

Some of you were wondering why i have this username and i never change out of it. This username is unique and unusual, which allows people to better remember me. plus, i rather not have my friends not be able to find me and not know that this profile IS me. :fscared:
WARNING![/b] I will have 1 second ping lag.
:repenny: Gender: Male (Cisgender)
:repenny: born in the year of 1995. (Do the math)
:repenny: Is Agnostic
:repenny: not gay
:repenny: Does NOT like to roleplay
:repenny: Hates drama
:repenny: Is a mic user
:repenny: likes music
:repenny: Accepts IMs and adds
:repenny: Records sometimes
:repenny: Has electronic and 3D experience
:repenny: Is a Secondlife user
:repenny: Is an Xbox 1 owner
:repenny: Lives with a family
:repenny: Does not drink or smoke
:repenny: Favorite colors are Red, White, and Blue, but mainly Black[/h1]
PC Tower tech

:droid: Intel Core BX80646I74790K i7-4790K Processor 4.40Ghz turbo boost [www.newegg.com]
:droid: Motherboard/ Z97-GD65 [www.newegg.com]
:droid: RAM/ VENGEANCE, 8X2 gig, DDR3 [www.newegg.com]
:droid: GPU/ GPU/ 2 Gforce GTX 980, EVGA, SC, 4GB GDDR5 in SLI, HB Bridge [www.newegg.com]
:droid: Storage/ four random disc hardrives
:droid: Disc Drive One blueray burning compact disc with lightscribe
:droid: Display/ samsung 2253BW [www.ebay.com] and HP W2007 [www.newegg.com] and a DellE207WFP.
:droid: Cooling/ Liquid cooled cpu, EVGA v2.0 air cooler
:droid: Keyboard/ razor Anansi [www.newegg.com]
:droid: Mouse/ Logitech G300s [www.newegg.com]
:droid: Sound/ Audio Boost (onboard)
:droid: Operating System/ Windows 10 Home [www.newegg.com]
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Hyer Womba Aug 24 @ 1:19am 
"Last Online 63 days ago" stop being dead. i cant cyber bully you when you are dead.
Lord daddy, yes yours May 20 @ 12:58am 
Love how you added "not gay" into your random crap about me secction.
Tessa the snekful May 2 @ 1:36am 
That is a neat sergal
Q13E5 ︻デ═一 Apr 30 @ 2:14pm 
once i don't lag 1.4 seconds behind in ping lag. idk.
Dezert Haze Apr 30 @ 2:12pm 
uwu; when are we gonna play some games together?
Q13E5 ︻デ═一 Apr 30 @ 1:36pm 
Well at least i'm not acting like it.