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Perhaps my favourite game on Steam. A very short but well done, almost perfect, exploration of the Science fiction genre. Focusing on the problems of meaning, basic communication and actually breathing in an environment hazardous to life as we know it.
Although similar in aesthetic looks to the likes of "The Dig", those dwarf in front of "Stranded" and seem rather trivial in comparison.
When watching out for a "2001" kind of video game, look no further - this is certainly it.

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. May 23 @ 4:00pm 
I appreciate you explaining your reasoning behind your review and I can understand and respect your opinion and decision.
I just found it...unusual that a negatively reviewed game would get a my favourite game review out of a library of over 1000 games and I apologize for sounding accusatory.
I thank you for explaining to me as to why.
Again I respect your opinion and wish you the best.
pyri May 23 @ 10:20am 
Cause of its artistic value. Especially the intention, soundtrack and color palette.
Don't trust any majority of reviews!
. May 23 @ 10:11am 
You have over 1000 games in your library yet according to your review of a game called Stranded, a tiny, 15 minute long mostly negatively reviewed game is your favourite game in your entire library.
I would have asked on the review itself but you have comments disabled on your review so I have to ask here.
So tell me who is a super ♥♥♥♥♥♥ 15 minute long indie game your favourite out of over 1000 games in your library?
Yünther Oct 28, 2019 @ 2:11pm 
Kein Problem. Mich hat es bei dir das nur gewundert, da selbst ich schon mehrere Spiele auf Steam habe, bei der ich mehr als 30 Stunden Spielzeit haben, obwohl ich nicht einmal so oft vor dem PC sitze. Ich kenne sogar ein paar Spieler, die mehr als 1000 Stunden in ein Spiel haben, was für mich einfach nur extrem ist.
pyri Oct 26, 2019 @ 10:03am 
Sehr gute Frage! Jedes neue Jahr nehme ich mir vor mehr zu spielen, aber wenn es auch "nur" Steam wäre... Irgendwann setze ich meinen guten Vorsatz jedoch in die Tat um ;-) Versprochen Fremder ;-)
Yünther Oct 26, 2019 @ 9:45am 
Warum besitzt du über 900 Spiele, hast aber fast alle höchstens nur für ein paar Stunden gespielt?