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✉️👈 unread mail from me!! :D ❤️❤️❤️ ^_^
hey guys! my name is mato, just a kawaii schoolgirl ~.^ and i really like anime lol !! <3333 lol~~
when i grow up i will move to japan because i know how to speak fluent lol from anime~
I love to play VIDYA GAMEZ!!! sumtims I can be really RANDUM :3
I love animu and mango and it helps me get through rough times like when my favorite animu or mango ends!!!! THATS THE WORSE-desu!!!
if u want to play any games with me just ask because I LOVE to just hang out and if anyone wants an imouto or onee chan, don't be nervous to ask ;P <3

my favrite anime are-
* redo of healer
* assassination classroom (tentacls lollll~)
* kiss x sis
* a kiss for the petals
* keijo!!!!
* my hero academia ^_^

i have deez (lol dezz nuts xD) body pillows:
* sakura (naruto)
* asuna (sao)
* female titan (aot)
* risa (kiss for the petals) :smilingrisa:
* enju (black bullet)
* raphtalia (shield hero)
* samantha (samsung)

i also relly like creepy pasta. jeff the killer is my bae !!!

i make art like the one u see in my profil pic so just ask me if u want a photoshop like that !! 🐔
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