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Posted: Nov 27, 2019 @ 8:07pm
Updated: Mar 1, 2020 @ 1:45pm

This review needs a facelift, so I think it's time to give it one.


It's a farming simulator. Okay, but seriously. Just like most farming sims, you inherit a farm from your father, to escape city life. The farm is basically overgrown and it is up to you how you wish to use it. There are various options for which location you want the farm to be located at. I chose the bog standard one but there are others that feature more difficulty in layout. The game has fully fleshed out character personalities. However, each character will only talk to you until what they have to say for the day is through and then you don't really have any further interaction. Stardew Valley also features various other objectives to complete, including monster kills in the mines, collecting artifacts, and collecting specific items for the community center. There are also daily tasks put on the general store for you to complete. Like most Farming Sims, you are able to befriend and eventually marry citizens from the town. Also, this game features multiplayer, but I'm not entirely sure if there is a requirement that has to be met before you can play multiplayer.

Controls for Stardew Valley are fairly intuitive. The number keys select the corresponding position on the hotbar which is by proxy your inventory. You can also switch lines of the inventory that you have on the hotbar. WASD is used for movement, with the mouse used to for actions. The game allows the option to have a red square on which square you are currently focused on, provided its within proximity to your character. Stardew Valley also features controller support (unsurprising given it's available on the switch) which is available if you are more controller inclined. Based on my playtime on the Switch Version, the controller layout works decently well.

Stardew Valley is in 16bit(I believe). I feel this works out pretty well. It looks really good in my opinion. I find it doesn't really try anything new or amazing with the graphics, which is perfectly fine in my opinion. There are some graphical options available to help with playability on different types of hardware. That being said, I have found that it runs really well on both the switch and my computer (which are miles apart for graphical power).

I generally enjoy the music for this game. I'm not a huge fan of country music, so the in-town track I like less than the others. However, I wouldn't say that I don't like it. The music tends to fit the season or location you are at, and it works well in the game. I have found that there is are times that the music doesn't play because either you haven't left the farm yet or that the previous track finished. This isn't inherently a bad thing, it's just sometimes it is a fairly long time without the music playing.

As for the sounds, I also found them fitting for the locations where they are at. The sounds surrounding crops is responsive. In addition, the monster noises are also rather helpful in determining if something is nearby or not.

Sometimes you want to sit down and play a good farming Simulator. This game scratches that itch for me. The gameplay is what you can probably expect from a farming simulator, and that is perfect for me. I found that it executes the idea extremely well. The visuals fit the gameplay and the aesthetic works extremely well. I found the audio is rather good, although I could see places it could be improved. Overall, I would really recommend this game if you are interested in a farming simulator game.
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YQMaoski Mar 1, 2020 @ 3:47pm 
The soundtrack is definitely quite good for this game. And the controls work well. The visuals I thought looked beautiful when I played it for a pixel art-style game. Definitely a worthwhile game. :D