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Posted: Mar 1, 2020 @ 7:24pm
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Aer is more of a laid back style of game. It features some amount of puzzles and platforming, but I feel it is minimalistic. Additionally, the puzzles are not very difficult. The primary focus mechanic is flying. This is something I feel the game does very well. The story is the traditional "You're the hero, save the world." There is no time limits though. Nothing to fight, nothing to beat. Aer is one of the games that is meant to be a relaxing experience. I like it for that. It's also not a long game. I finished everything in about 3 hours. As someone that has a 40 hour week job and a sizable backlog, having something short is welcome.

I used my Xbox controller for Aer simply as I felt it worked better for me. The game controls well and generally felt responsive. The only time I ever had problems was when I hit the wrong buttons and accidentally morphed out of flight over the middle of open air. The good news is that you can just remorph right away as there is no cooldown or anything. Also, if you accidentally fall too far it will simply return you to the nearest "checkpoint".

Aer has a bit more "blocky" aesthetic. However, it manages to pull it off very well. I wouldn't say anything in the game is ugly. Rather I think it look pretty decent. I also had no issues with stutters, lags, or any graphical issues.

I felt Aer excelled in the music and sounds. The music I felt was rather calming and fit the exploration of the world very well. There was never a time that I didn't like the music or found it repetitive after being in an area for long time.

The sounds are also excellent. You have the flapping sounds as you fly along as well as ambient noises. There are even critters that will make noise as you get close to them. I found that the ambience and little touches on the sound help the music in creating a good atmosphere in the world.

I rather enjoyed Aer for its relaxing pace and exploration. There wasn't anything you needed to beat and you could take your time and explore the Areas. I felt using an Xbox controller was easier, but overall the game was responsive and controlled well. The visual aesthetic works well with the game. However, it's the music and sounds that was were I though the game shined. Overall, if you are looking for a relaxing non-challenging game, I would highly recommend this game.
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