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Posted: Sep 15, 2016 @ 12:00am
Updated: Aug 26, 2018 @ 1:02pm

Unfortunately, I still have to say that I do not recommend this game. They were going in the right direction.

They have added multiplayer, which is nice, though I haven't really tested it. Before the update, whenever someone else was in the same planet or had left a monument, the game would lag like crazy, only achieving 30FPS max, even when you left the system. Hopefully, that was fixed, but I do not know.

Now on to why I really don't recommend this game. Originally it was pretty grindy already. Unfortunately, they turned the grind up even more. I tried playing it for a bit just today and got bored because everything takes a bunch of time and resources. Need a certain resource? chances are you'll have to refine it. Which takes time. Want to upgrade your backpack? Not only do you have to find the upgraders on the planet, you have to fix them now instead of paying credits.

It did not help too that they basically restructured almost every single system in the game. Ship upgrades, exosuit upgrades, weapon upgrades, crafting, gatherable elements, bases, planets, etc. Which means if you had a save already, it might almost be better to restart. Almost like a data wipe for early access. Now, of course, you have to grind out a specific currency called Nanites twhich you get from interacting with different items to get back to where you were.

They also tuned up the graphics, which would be nice if I could turn more stuff off. It was a resource hog already, and tuning up the graphics only made it worse. I'm running low and it's still taxing.

Lastly, how sentinels spawn now is immensely annoying. They spawn out of the ground at seemingly random times just off the side of your screen. And while they are within range, even if they aren't angry at you, you'll have a white reticle pointing to where they are. Honestly, if they aren't readying up to attack me, I really couldn't care where they are.

So overall, I just don't think it's worth the grind. I wanted an upgrade from the previous version. What I got I feel like was the opposite. Rather than being interested in playing the game, it feels bland, boring, and like a chore.

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With the update they pushed out late November, things have gotten quite a bit better. Planets now actually look different than just tan/brown balls with some highlights when you get close. I actually came across a completely snow covered planet with colorful fauna like I expected from the pre-release video.

They also added a few new modes, Survival and Creative. I haven't played creative yet, but that would be useful if you just want to build a cool base. (I may do it to see if I can link two planets. Survival is pretty difficult. It is harder than normal and you have to keep watch over your resources and vitals carefully. It took me about an hour and a half to get to my ship. Expect to punch a bunch of rocks and walk alot as running and jumping eat suit resources like crazy. Also, staying out in space is a bad idea, I had barely any goods on my ship worth selling and 4 pirates showed up to ruin my day.

I haven't done much for base building, but there is content there for that as well. In order to completely upgrade your base you will have to find the resources for it. I only build 3 modules, so I don't know much about it. Also, Frieghters cost about 2-3 Million for a basic one.

Overall, it's progress, and I'm glad Hello Games is still sticking behind the game. I've seen the reviews percentage increase from 20% positive overall to 31% overall, which is substantial when it has 80k+ reviews. However, I still do not believe it offers enough content to justify a $60 price-point. Better than before, but still not enough.

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It is with a heavy heart that I choose to not recommend this game. It had looked cool in all the pre-release videos. I stuck with it while it had a shaky start, as most games do. Unfortunately, after stepping back and looking at it. This isn't a full game. It's more like an alpha or beta product. For $60, I cannot recommend this product in this state. Perhaps if and when they add the content missing from what I would consider the full game, I can recommend the game, but until then, I suggest looking for a different game to scratch your space-sim itch. This just does not have the content.
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