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Posted: Nov 21, 2018 @ 11:57pm
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This game is a style of a racer. You are driving a car for lack of a better term. The primary idea is to dodge objects within the road and make it to the end. You will also have to "jump" off the road and rotate your car as the track will have a gap and the next part will be rotated. There are even flying sections as well. Even still, the campaigns are generally forgiving. You might run into a couple of spots that may take you a few tries to pass, but the checkpoints are spaced really well.

The game offers several different modes. They are the following:
  • Campaign
  • Arcade
  • Multiplayer
  • Level Editor

you will have to play the main campaign first before being able to access any of the others if I recall correctly, and I think will take you in the range of 2-3 hours to complete.

Arcade features four modes: Sprint, Challenge, Stunt, and Trackmorgify.
Sprint is basically time trials. Complete the track as fast as possible. Each track has a rating between Casual and Nightmare.
Challenge is sprint, but you have NO checkpoints or resets.
Stunt is stunt, do tricks and score points. There are combos in the game, so you can try to find them all.
Trackmorgify is a mode that generates a random track based on a seed. You can actually modify that seed to give you desired outputs. For example: Upsidedown extremely long. This will give you a track that you race with the car upsidedown and is as long as possible. It is also possible to leave the field blank and just get something random.

Multiplayer allows you to play with other people in Arcade. The games are hosted lobbies, so there may be times that none are available, they are full, or they aren't something you want to play.

Level Editor allows you to put together your own tracks. I haven't really done much in this, and it can look daunting at first. If you are into level editing though, it appears it's close to what I've seen for editing UI.

This game can be played with both the keyboard and a controller. I have not tried a racing wheel as I do not own one. The keyboard works, but.. it can get difficult at times. Just like most racing games, the controller is going to be a recommended option. I personally use a wired Xbox 360 controller. I found the game to be very responsive. If you play for long sessions though, you may find your fingers hurting from having to hold down the boost button.

The graphics look good and the game runs pretty well. The theme is generally a futuristic cybercity in space, but sometimes you will run across something different. I was able to run max settings and get over 60 FPS on a laptop with a i7-7700HQ and GTX 1060 6GB (currently play on a desktop). Reducing to low in an attempt to let my laptop quiet down allowed me to get around 200 FPS. Unfortunately, it does not appear that the game has a frame limiter in the ingame settings, which would be helpful for playing on a laptop. It does have the option for VSync, but I found that this made the experience much worse on my laptop than letting it run full blast. Would like to see a framerate option to cap it at 60,75,90,120, or unlimited.

The music is a style of EDM for the most part. It's hard to specify the exact subgenre here, but I would say it would be generally close to DnB. I generally liked the music that played, but there were definitely a few tracks that I wasn't a fan of. That being said, all the music I find is timed appropriately to the position you are in the game when you are in storymode.

This game supports Steam Workshop. There are quite a few people making items for this game. I personally have tried a few and there are definitely some really good game tracks that have been made. There are also several that are rage-inducingly hard. I really think this helps keep the replay value of the game as you can try out new tracks made by others, or even make your own!

This game is a futuristic racer that introduces flying and car rotation mechanics I haven't seen in other games. It plays very well and I find it to be responsive. I think it looks amazing and enjoyed the music. Playing tracks from the workshop really helps keep up the replay value of this game by trying out people's created tracks.

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Originally posted by author:
I really enjoyed playing this game.

The levels are engaging, and have just the right amount of complexity added in as you go along. It definitely has a rewarding feel.

I also like most of the music from this game with the exception of a few track.

I also like that there is a Trackmorgify (random generated track) and basically time attack.

Would recommend.
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