sunglasses man   Buffalo, New York, United States
Black Lives Matter, my dudes.

I am a person who sometimes plays videogames all the time.

I like to make things in videogames. Any creative game is fun for me.

This one time I made a TF2 map for fun and those Valve chums actually gave me money.

Then I made a few weird maps and some april fools maps and stuff. I don't know what I'm doing with my life.

puxorb: Do you ever think about what music squirrels like to listen to?
MrManson6661: What's the worst thing about everything?
MrManson6661: All of it.
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Originally started over a year ago as an attempt to learn new skills, this quick artpass of the facade housing capture point B of cp_gorge quickly turned into a complete re-imagining of the setting in a super spooky halloween theme.

Now with the 2015 Sc
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Created by - puxorb
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Team Fortress 2
AmericanStoner Sep 2 @ 7:39am 
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Xiànhuò yìjià Apr 25, 2021 @ 3:29pm 
+rep cool map :)
Zhiris Nov 3, 2020 @ 4:23pm 
I've added you for questions about lasers pew pew (sd_laserfight)
Naleksuh Sep 21, 2020 @ 6:34pm 
Ah yes. Although decompiled maps do contain differences and problems, so I was asking if you had the original VMF still. If you do not, that is fine just please let me know.
puxorb Sep 21, 2020 @ 6:30pm 
Gorge(E) is listed on the link I sent.
Naleksuh Sep 21, 2020 @ 6:27pm 
Also just realized my last comment sounded really dickish. Sorry for that, and I would hope it does not influence your decision