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I really enjoy the Persona series so when this game was first introduced, I was already intrigued by it.

The game's story revolves around the life AFTER the original Persona 5 game, so if you haven't played it and care about the story, I would not recommend you to play this game first.

Gameplay-wise, it's decent. It's a hack-and-slash after all and all you are doing is just hitting random buttons and kill every enemy that is in your line of sight. Some fights will require you to use skills more carefully, such as bosses and dire shadows, but those aren't really that difficult as well, even on Hard difficulty.

Story-wise, it's standard. It follows the same story/plot of Persona 5 so nothing has really changed much in this game.

I only have 5 hours in this game and only just completed story 1. Game is really enjoyable so far and I will be sure to complete the game!
I am a Chiaki Nanami simp.
People who say they love Chiaki and only post DR3 Chiaki are the false Chiaki supporters. Allow me to explain, as a professional connoisseur on Danganronpa and Chiaki Nanami especially it has come to my attention that the series has gotten a bit of an attention boost because of the hellspawn that is Danganronpa 3. While I welcome these people into this community with open arms, one issue has always remained between us. Claiming Chiaki to be your "waifu". This is the issue I take with you fakeass hoes. Chiaki in Danganronpa 3 is NOT the Chiaki Nanami I know, love, and accept as my wife. While sure she retains the same personality features such as being generally unsocial, liking video games, being calm and quiet, etc she misses the one important bit of Chiaki that makes Chiaki be Chiaki.

Her nature to learn more about everything and everyone and her analytical approach to the problems she experiences in her life. But surely I'm just being too harsh on Danganronpa 3 Chiaki? No, and I'll explain why. Though the anime attempts to portray Chiaki as something with boundless optimism and wisdom it fails to address one major flaw that DR3 had. Chiaki, as well as being nothing more than a plot device, is a complete Mary Sue for the most part. I mean, really think about it. What problem does Chiaki have in Danganronpa 3? That she can't make any friends? She completes her goal in literally 20 minutes after everyone starts prancing around her as if she's the best thing in the world. This is completely missing the point of AI Chiaki as AI Chiaki did have a couple of flaws.

1. Her complete misunderstanding of how the world works.

- Chiaki never really understood how the real world fully works. Outside of mentioning that she knows how babies are made she is fully unaware of most of her surroundings. Chiaki doesn't understand how something like love works, saying that romantic dating simulators were the only games she was ever bad at mainly because she didn't know how to feel love. She feels uncomfortable around animals mainly because of their unpredictability and how they're warm when touched.

1. Her misunderstanding of human emotions

- Chiaki, despite being observant, never really understood how emotions worked fully work. Many of her pranks that she pulls on the gang (mostly Hajime) come off as weird anti-humor even though she was simply trying to tease and her bluntness sometimes causes trouble with the others.

These two flaws are giant character building material for the majority of the game and throughout Chiaki's route. Now, compared to that, what does DR3 Chiaki have to offer? Nothing really, and because of that she results in being the most waifu-baity character the show has to offer even beating out titans like Akane.

Now one counter-argument I would assume will pop up is "but AI Chiaki is different from DR3 Chiaki, you can't compare the two" and to that I say...yes. But you see from the get-go AI Chiaki and DR3 Chiaki are two different people. And if that's your argument. Go ahead, continue whacking off to your false-ass representation of a good character. DR3 Chiaki got flanderised from a version that exised AFTER she was a thing. And I find that hilarious.

So now the final question remains, "My dude, why do YOU sometimes have DR3 Chiaki as your profile picture/background picture/♥♥♥♥ tattoo, etc" and to that my answer is...because Danganronpa 3 doesn't exist. Yeah, I said it. Prove me wrong, outside of our own human interpretation there's no real way to say that we're not in the matrix or anything else like that. What if Danganronpa 3 was just a manifestation of all our fears for things that could go wrong in the anime. I have a couple of pieces of evidence to back this claim up.

1. Everything that could've went wrong as went wrong

- Yes, if you could name 1 good thing about Danganronpa 3, I could name 5 things that are bad objectively. Remember, Danganronpa is a series mostly with a 1/5 hope to despair ratio which is actually mathamatically true since there's only glimpses of hope before Junko ♥♥♥♥♥ everything up again.

1. Kodaka is not a bad writer, so obviously he couldn't of written this.

- Yes, there are writers that sometimes mess up their sequels. There are writers that sometimes lose their flame later in their lifetime. But no author ever misunderstands his own source material this strongly. You could claim that he hired a ghost writer, but that's something you have to prove, not me. I have already proven my case.

1. Danganronpa v3

- Danganronpa 3? Danganronpa v3? Both have a three? Coincidence? No, see. If Danganronpa 3 TRULY existed then v3 would be v4 or Danganronpa 4 and if it's a new cast, that wouldn't affect the "v". What does the v even stand for here? Version? That means Version 3, 3 comes after 2. Therefore DRv3 comes after DR2. Right? Well you might ask about the ending. DR2 didn't need a continuation. Though yes it left questions unanswered and it was obvious we were getting a sequel and DR2's ending wasn't even exactly a cliffhanger, it was just ambiguous.

TL;DR I love Chiaki and Danganronpa 3 isn't real

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