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Awoo! And greetings! Welcome to my small little home on the internet! This is Hushpuppy, also known as Reddy or the Punk Pupper! It appears you just landed on my Steam profile! Please read what's posted before adding!

Warning: This profile is protected by Thot Patrol officers. Anti-thot technologies such as scanners, cameras, chat logging systems, and alarms have also been installed and activated on the premises. Enter at your own risk. No thots allowed. Officers are authorized to shoot and kill on sight if needed. Violators will be shot. Survivors will be shot again. Don't try any shit.

Now that I got that out of the way...

Basic Info:

Name: Tristan Colwell

Age: 19

Birthday: 7/1/1999

Sex: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual (Dominate)

Relationship Status: Dead as a doornail. Single AF. I don't touch that shit no more.

Status Info:

Online: Shoot me a message. I'll respond quickly most of the time.

In-Game: Lemme play my game. But I'll respond. In rare cases, if you don't hear a response in a long time, I probably fell asleep or left my PC idling.

Away: Asleep, napping, or not available. Can also mean I'm unavailable due to an emergency in rare cases. Might also not be in a good mood if my name says so.

Offline: Not here. Leave a message and I'll try to respond the next time I get on. Or I have no internet.

And that's all for this box. Please continue in the next one for rules regarding adds, interests and hobbies, musical tastes, my personality, RP information, and anything else. Awoo!~
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Other Info:
Alright. So first off. Gotta get some basic ground rules out of the way. If my comments are open, do comment before adding. Otherwise, I'll give you a break as long as you tell me your reason in a PM. No shady adds or attempts at sharks/scams/phishing. That includes links or advertising. Trading is very rare from me unless stated otherwise. No toxicity, salt, harrassment, drama, malicious rumor and lie spreading, or being a dick. No spreading it through my friends list either. Treat me nice, and I will gladly do the same. Don't alienate me and put me at a disadvantage because I'm not one of your "favorite" friends. We MUST open up at some point, or it's not gonna work. If I can't have a basic, salt-free, friendly convo because you don't "trust" me, I'm probably just a number to you. I reserve the right to terminate friendships should I feel my interests and livelihood are threatened. No going after my friends with malicious intent or telling me who I can or cannot be friends with. Don't make fun of my mental health if it comes up. And if making any jokes, it's fine unless it's made with malicious intent. I do forgive easily if we have had problems in the past and you wish to fix things, so don't hesitate to come back and do so. In a nutshell, just give me a chance and I can be the nicest pupper you've met, ok? Alright. Moving on!

Now that you've read the rules, you may be wondering about my interests and or hobbies. Well for one, since I'm kinda broke, Steam pretty much is my main hobby. But I do have some interests. I like to listen to heavy metal, thrash metal, crossover thrash metal, some hardcore punk bands, and alternative rock. I'm also a huge fan of muscle cars and hot rodding, as well as the V8 engine swap community. Airsoft, NERF, and guitar are a few others. Oh, and going out to eat is probably one of my most guilty pleasures. Gotta get my fast food fix.

As for my personality? I'm a bit rebellious, but super friendly to almost everyone and try to give you as many chances as possible if you don't toy with me. I'm not much of a meme snob, so I won't bite or anything. I do have my mood swings, as my zodiac sign is Cancer, so it might be a good idea to try and help me get through it should an episode pop up. I suffer from aspergers, anxiety, and sometimes severe depression, so I might be a bit socially awkward at times. As for my depression episodes, sometimes it might be a good idea to step in, as they can cause mood swings, but I usually try to get creative to come back up on my feet and solve the problem. I may not open up immediately but once I do, it might just be 4 lyfe. Just don't fuck with me, give it a chance, and if we invest in each other, it'll all be gucci. Give it a try, would ya?

You can also find me on:
Discord: ☠Punk Pupper☠#4262
Origin: CaptSawbones99
Social Club: RekItReddy101

Proud passive supporter of the brony, furry, and anime subcultures. No longer an official member of any though. I'm merely an independent supporter who joins in for his friends.

RP info is here. [pastebin.com]

Ask me first before doing one because I may or may not be in the mood. Also, I'm strictly dominate for ERPs. Just a warning. As for fetishes, we must discuss them in private and agree on our boundaries, as well as respect them too. Let's try not to be too extreme unless we have some in common. And lastly, I'm a bit lethargic. I do apologize if during a roleplay, it cuts short due to time issues or sleeping patterns. I also might get stuck due to a lack of ideas at times, in which you might need to help me out. It happens. I'm human. Just try to work with me if you can.

(Any artwork and screenshots are set to friends only due to abuse. Specifically bypassing the closed comments section on multiple occasions. If you add me, you'll be able to see it all.)
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This Guide will not only tell you what that means, but it will also show you how to life with it!

Annotation: Awootism is, despite the pronunciation, in no way related to Autism! It is like "night" and "knight" or "had" and hat"!

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Long Unlive, the new Age of Awoo Fighters. We don't do this for Pride. We do it for Freedom.
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