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Although perhaps not by name due to several reasons (as it's named Overload), this is the "Descent" title we needed and we deserved as fans of the saga.
Made by the original creators of the good old Descent titles from the 90's, this masterpiece (Overload) mixes all the best points and mechanics from the past games and blends it in such a masterful manner that it's a must play for every fan of the Descent games and the 6DOF genre in general.
Level design is superb, it has beautiful graphics, a not so complex but very interesting story (even if it has some clichés), and the action (specially on Hotshot difficulty and up) is constant and fast-paced and overall very fun to play!

-WARNING - THE REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS AHEAD (I'm focusing on the Single Player campaign)-

It plays mostly as Descent 1, specially during the first 12 levels of the campaign:
it has a VERY similar atmosphere, design and gameplay (robot placement and level flow) to that of Descent 1 campaign, with just a bit of extra elements from Descent 2 (switches to unlock doors or disable forcefields) and small details from Descent 3 like accelerator tubes and small mini-generators that you have to destroy to disable forcefields.
But each one of those elements just so well balanced and placed that I consider it like the Descent of my dreams (and it has the advantage that doesn't has the features that I didn't like from Descent 3 on its time)

Of course, I'm not saying that this game is just a copy-paste of the classics made to please the old fans (like me) that just want some fanservice, it has a good deal of new features to be considered a new and different title from those of the Descent saga.

Specially from level 13 and onwards, the atmosphere and mechanics changes enough to feel separated from the original Descent games, and I applaud the developers for those new gameplay elements that feel so great when you mix them with a Descent style gameplay. The latest levels really blew my mind.

The fact that there are a couple special weapons that you only find on those levels, how you need to activate special alien 'cores' to advance through (to open doors or forcefields), how you encounter a different set of enemies from the past levels and how it's aesthetically different from the rest of the game not only makes the story develop better, but also adds something that the original Descent titles lacked or didn't implement well enough (even if Descent 3 Mercenary was very close): the feeling to be very far on real alien worlds, much like on Half-Life with planet Xen.

My only complain of the game is that I don't like the design of the last boss arena on level 15, it turned the fight against the boss enemy a bit frustrating and infuriating, I had to lower the difficulty just to advance that level, but it's not a big game breaking element, fortunately.

Overall, I find Overload to be a complete masterpiece of the 6DOF genre, and I put it at the same pedestal along the big ones, Descent 1,2 & 3. :)

Kudos to the developers, long life to Revival Studios and its members! :D
Posted June 9. Last edited June 9.
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Este juego es uno de los mejores juegos de plataformas que he jugado, y tal vez el mejor, en mi humilde opinión, de la serie de Shantae. Lo he jugado más de una vez, incluido un speed-run y además de Portal 2, lo considero mi segundo mejor juego favorito en mi libreria de Steam. Aún si en esta edición Shantae ya no tiene los poderes de genio ni los baiiles y se basa más en las armas y herramientas piratas, la mecánica de juego es soberbia, el diseño de niveles y la variedad de entornos es excelente, con una duración perfecta (ni demasiado cortos, ni demasiado largos) y una historia interesante, en especial para quien siga la trama desde el primer juego del GBC. Los puzzles de los niveles y como se unen a la mecánica de las herramientas de pirata están muy bien realizados.

Como bono extra, y como siempre, poseé varios personajes femeninos carismáticos y con potencial de 'waifus' (Shantae y Rottytops FTW!), y un soundtrack espectacular, como también es tradición de la saga.

Por algo nominé este juego en los Steam Awards en la categoría de "Solo 5 minutos más", ya que nunca me canso de jugarlo y siempre me termina enganchando como la primera vez. :)
Posted December 3, 2016.
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It's simply the best game I got the chance to get on Steam (and there are a lot of other good ones!).
What else can be said that has not already been said before?

This is simply a masterpiece, no more, no less. ;)

UPDATE: After so many years, I keep playing and playing this game and never get tired of it. It's one of those rare jewels that you NEVER get enough of it.
Posted November 25, 2014. Last edited November 25, 2017.
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