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Freestyler for Pulse clan & REDSHYFT


Some important information:

I don't have other steam accounts, this is my main and only one. I don't sign people from my comments anymore and with the other ways aswell BUT if you find me in a match in rocket league and you ask me to sign you - I will sign you.

My current Camera Settings: 110 230 110 -4/-5 0.00 7.20 1.30

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My Twitch channel click [www.twitch.tv]

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My Instagram account click [www.instagram.com]

My Discord server click [discord.gg]

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Pulse clan's Discord server click [discord.gg]

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REDSHYFT's Discord server click [discord.gg]

Have a good day :ShooterHeart:
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Monti Sep 22 @ 2:11am 
Can i get a sign pls? Big fan <3
zunn Sep 14 @ 1:57am 
Sign pls
yBolad Sep 12 @ 4:30am 
Can I get a sign pls? <3
almond milk Sep 12 @ 12:20am 
sign pls? <3 much love
Zephyr Marin Sep 6 @ 8:22am 
can i get a sign ur a god <3
sovran Sep 1 @ 2:14pm 
sign me please. i will do a bakflip