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I'm a visual novel fan and a member of the Fuwanovel community. I'm especially interested in western-made and indie VNs.
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CUPID is considered to be one of the best western-made visual novels ever made and I can't help but agree with that assessment – it's a very original, visually striking game that managed to shake me to the core with some of its story developments and endings. It also escapes the clichés and tropes typically associated with "weeb" media, offering an experience that is deeply embedded in the tradition of western literature, especially classic horror novels and very competently uses that legacy to its advantage.

Because, above all, it is a horror story that confronts you with many uncomfortable themes and situations, along with a fair share of gore and (mostly unpleasant) sexual content. Still, none of it is pointless brutality or cheap fanservice, it's simply a very adult-oriented, mature story, dealing with very heavy topics, but treating them all in a serious and well-though-out way. Also, every unsettling element, such as the protagonist's self-mutilation in the prologue, has causes and significance that might not be obvious at first, but become crucial later the story. Especially after reaching all the endings, many things that might seem like over-the-top, unnecessary cruelty start to fit into the overarching story and its main mysteries.

With how short the game is (6-8 hour for 100% completion), there are limitations to how much it could to when it goes to character development and creating a deep intrigue, but I think it plays its cards pretty much perfectly, making the player feel connected to and intrigued by the main cast and deeply immersed in the plot. Also, through the unique choice system, it makes the player's input especially impactful – and, admittedly, at times extremely uncomfortable, especially if you're going for "bad" endings. Being a deranged voice in the protagonists head, instead of directly controlling her, makes you feel even more responsible for effects of your actions and the tragedies you might cause even more painful than they would normally be.

Here goes another warning: the game is definitely depressing, with no real "happy end" or fully satisfying, romantic conclusion. Still, it's an extremely good piece of storytelling, something that deserves to be carefully read and appreciated. For a free game, it's excellent beyond what you could reasonably expect and it's one of the most impactful, memorable visual novels I've read to date. Don't hesitate to try it out.


PS If you're interested in more quality western VNs, check out my curator page.

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Hello, saw your curator page while looking for a horror vn and thought you might be able to help me find it since I'm stuck, anyways if that's too annoying or strange just ignore x)
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Cześć, dodałem cię żeby pogadać o jednej rzeczy :)
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I just stumbled across your blog. Well done!
I look forward to reading your future posts. :)
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+rep Awesome curator, keep up the good work :HentaiGirlAngel_love:
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