It's all so Tiresome
Oh hey girl, I was just about to go to bed. I know we couldn’t skype tonight but that’s all right, I’ll see you tomorrow


[1:00 AM]
[MAF] PcProcrastinator:
Your review of koikatsu Party is one of the most insightful and eye opening reviews i've ever read in my life.
that is all I needed to say

>middle of online class
>realise I should probably take notes
>dont have notebook
>notice blick artstore walking distance
>walk to store
>walk in and see cute girl
>thicc, freckles, kind smile
>can't describe but 10/10 girl in my eyes
>she says hi as I walk in
>look through supplies
>think of cute girl as I look
>find what I need
>go to casheer
>its the girl
>she scans my shit
>asks if I have member rewards
>I say no
>"would you like to sign up?"
>I say yes, I can listen to her talk more
>She asks me for my name
>I tell her
>"thats cool, how do you pronounce it?"
>Jo-hn Luke
>"thats a very pretty name, I love it"
>I blush "u-uh thanks haha, thats very sweet"
>email please?
>yeah, - lucjes000@gmail.com
>"it says here your already registered"
>I feel awkward "u'mm sorry im a little retarded"
>Oh shit oh fuck
>why did i say that
>She breaks out laughing
>everyone looks over
>I feel embarrassed
>As I walk out she says "Nice jacket, and love the shirt"
>Look down - Realize she means my Nerf logo T-Shirt
>I feel good on walk back home
>That kids, is how I met your mother
Coomer Diaries
Day 2254 of Consecutive Fap – Thursday, January 16, 2020
Progress in imaginary usage of porn has come a long way since I first abandoned internet lusts. I have become so powerful in the mind through the use of imagination that I have unlocked man’s true potential within. I have harnessed the power of man's great gift bestowed within, I have learned to control it, to move it at my command. By simply closing my eyes and producing a single thought, I am able to grow a full erection within 10 seconds. Not only am I able to activate my primal human urges at a moment’s notice, but I can do so anywhere, anytime. No physical or visual element required, yet in any position or place, I can erupt a full stiffy. This now proves I have gained ultimate force and control over my bodily functions, bending it to my very will. As you may recall in day 1465 of consecutive fap I was incapable to perform despite it finally being my first physical chance to spread my seed. She had given you a chance, you had dated her for weeks. She finally agreed to take your virginity, yet you couldn’t even lift a hair on your limped out pathetic phallic rod. These are things I have told myself since the encounter. Finally, now with this control, I may never fail again. If ever given the opportunity to consummate with a woman once again, I will not let myself down. I have spent days, months, even years regretting my failure. But now, no longer will fear of dying a virgin, now I will be able to change my ways.

Day 2293 of Consecutive Fap- Monday, February 24, 2020
Progress is finally on its way. Soon, my virginity will haunt me no more. Its end is dawning, I can feel it approaching. I have finally been able to match and talk with a woman on Bumble. I have decided to avoid Tinder as the ugly specimens seem to mainly gather on Bumble. Having swiped on every woman within a 200-mile radius in the San Diego area, finally, three agreed to match with me. Of these three, one ended up messaging me thereby allowing the conduct of free speech. I was able to lure her to a date I planned on Saturday.

Day 2298 of Consecutive Fap- Saturday, February 29, 2020
The date went well. We had a great time watching Birds of Prey, a clear-cut masterpiece of the year. I took her out to a traditional local Mexican diner, known as Rubio’s. It's so popular that they have chains of them all around California. I bought her my personal favorite, a shrimp bacon burrito until I found out she was vegan, and fish apparently count as meat. It was no matter, I ate hers, so I ended up getting two. I dropped her off later that day.

Day 2300 of Consecutive Fap- Monday, March 2, 2020
So marks another 100 days of my consistent training. My skills are still growing steadily. My ability to produce results has only improved and I’ve cut my time down to half. Within five mere seconds, I can transform my pathetic flaccid cock into a rock-hard stallion. Pardon my language, but I feel as if its deserved. My eyes no longer are no longer even required to be closed. I feel as if at this point, I could impress a woman by telling her I could use the force on my cock and then instantly raise it. I have scheduled another date with the woman, it will be this Friday night. She invited me for dinner, I assume this is my final few days as a virgin. I can feel the excitement pulsing through my veins. I will report back after the date to list my grandiose success.

Day 2305 of Consecutive Fap- Saturday, March 7, 2020
I have failed. I couldn’t produce anything. I have never felt such shame before in my life as I see now my efforts where for naught. Despite removing her clothing and over thirty minutes of foreplay, I couldn’t harden an inch. She quickly became upset and offended, kicking me out moments after. I will no longer write in this journal; my time here is finished, and my hopes ruined. There is no point to try again, I won’t need to where I’m going.

Wilbur Picklebum
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This immersive bulletproof helmet was designed for a busy, stressed, individual such as yourself! Take the edge off by slowly giving yourself lung cancer! Offers an automatic one-time anti-stress cigarette feeding system, over eleven cigarettes per second!
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congrats on losing ur v card ig
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Nice hat, bro. That match was crazy.