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I agree, I much prefer TFE, TSE, and even SS2. Although Siberian Mayhem is also quite good. SS3 and 4 were disappointing. I actually really dislike the final level of SS3 because it is so bland and tiresome.
Late reply, but the performance is still not great. Same engine as SS4, same issues. They did improve things with patches though, so it's not terrible.
The game itself is very good.
I don't like SS4, but I'd say 10 euros per game is acceptable if you like Serious Sam.
12 hours ago
In topic Horrendous texture pop-in
Maybe Croteam changed the entire settings and made everything lower at some point? I don't know. But the graphics and performance have been bad since the beginning, so that's nothing new.
Can you focus back on the game by holding Alt and pressing Tab to scroll through your windows?
I believe issues are only caused by monitors *above* 60 Hz, and even then it doesn't happen to everyone.
You should also install the re4_tweaks mod.
Dec 4 @ 1:41pm
In topic New start
My bad then. Maybe I just thought it was really obvious.
But yeah, just hook some enemies.
Dec 4 @ 12:54pm
In topic Schwarzer Bildschirm
Wenn du in der Suche "black screen" eingibst und Englisch verstehst, kannst du ein paar Lösungsvorschläge finden: Grafiktreiber updaten, Frame-Rate auf 58 FPS einschränken, MSI Afterburner deaktivieren falls du es benutzt...
Dec 4 @ 12:49pm
In topic New start
I think the game even TELLS you to kick enemies onto the hooks.
Dec 4 @ 2:14am
In topic help with achievement pls
I already have it, but I can help if nobody else needs it.
Dec 3 @ 2:17am
In topic Is there a controls list?
From the store page:
-W,A,S,D to move
-Left Shift to sprint
-Left CTRL to crouch
Dec 3 @ 2:13am
In topic Radio's song
I don't know the song, but the game's credits tell you that the music was made by Farside Lore. Here is the album.[]
Dec 2 @ 9:45am
In topic is Steam Deck verification mark a lie?
Originally posted by Kizu:
Or one of those series-i-haven't-touched-in-forever-and-now-i-wonder-why-i-have-extra-stuff-in-my-library episodes.
According to the person who checked your library (which seems to be private now?) you only own some Serious Sam VR games, no "flat" titles. And now Fusion forces you to launch in VR mode. HMMM, I WONDER...?
I know I sound like a smart-ass now, but come on.

And to be fair, there have been many people who assumed that Fusion would give them all the supported games for free. And then they actually complained about greedy developers when they were told they'd have to buy everything separately. So there's so history here.
Dec 2 @ 4:43am
In topic is Steam Deck verification mark a lie?
It's another "people think SS Fusion gives them free games" episode.
Ich glaube, du musst deinen Spielstand manuell in Windows löschen.
Dec 1 @ 2:12pm
In topic Kali is a joke.
Play on Extreme then. She was a pain in the a** for me on that difficulty (first playthrough).
Nov 30 @ 1:23am
In topic infinite eggs please
If you want money, rotten eggs are more useful. Or just farm gems from the Lickers in that dark corridor in chapter 5-2.
I'm no expert, but I think high CPU usage is a good thing in this case since it means that the game uses your hardware's potential to load the level as fast as possible. It goes down during gameplay because it doesn't need the full power anymore. And just because the usage is high for a few seconds doesn't necessarily mean it's overheating.
Nov 29 @ 2:46am
In topic Professional Duo?
You have to unlock Pro by beating Veteran first. How did you unlock it?
Nov 29 @ 12:37am
In topic Professional Duo?
You didn't buy any infinite ammo upgrades before starting on Pro?
Nov 29 @ 12:36am
In topic Booting issues
Doesn't sound like the issue most other people have, but this might still help:
The last update was in 2019, so yeah...
Someone from Croteam is supposedly working on an update, but I haven't heard any news in months. No idea what to expect, if anything.
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