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Oct 25 @ 1:17am
In topic I am stuck in GTA Vice City
You have to buy the assets (Malibu Club, Kaufman's Taxis, etc.) and do their missions. You unlock the final story missions after completing 5 assets, I think.
Oct 22 @ 2:31am
In topic Can't start the game
Enable the frame limiter to cap the game at 30 FPS, or use an external program to cap it at 60.
No, that wouldn't make any sense.. And I doubt Tommy was even supposed to be in SA. I've heard working with Ray Liotta was tough, but I don't think it was THAT bad. He said he had fun with the project and recently he even said he'd love playing the role in a movie or something.
Oct 22 @ 1:38am
In topic Happy 20th anniversary, GTA III
By the way: today is also the 22nd anniversary of GTA 2, and yesterday was the 24th anniversary of GTA.
Oct 22 @ 1:37am
In topic Happy 20th anniversary, GTA III
Happy birthday to this huge video game milestone.
The Definitive Edition trailer is hopefully coming in a few hours.
GTA is exactly 24 years old today. Maybe we'll get some kind of re-release for the 25th anniversary in a year, but I wouldn't bet on it. Most people aren't interested in these games. Although a small remaster bundle (GTA 1 + London expansions + GTA 2) with improved textures, 2D sprites, an unlocked frame rate, and better controls would be nice.
No. Vidal has already explained that GTA1 and 2 haven't been available for a while. Read.
Oct 21 @ 1:01am
In topic Why the small plane cannot fly?
Yes, that's the reason... You were never supposed to fly the plane over long distances. The city has many holes in rooftops and city blocks. The Dodo is just a small joke, but people figured out that it's actually possible to fly with some tricks.
According to the wiki, the only other AP vehicle besides the Admiral is the Sanchez from the Dirtring mission in the stadium, so nothing you can use in the open world.
Oct 19 @ 2:27am
In topic Will the Remastered GTA 3
GTA III was not the only game with bloody foot prints and tire tracks. VC had them, too. SA had the foot prints, but maybe no tire tracks. Dismemberment will probably be missing in all three games now since they're not using the old blocky models from 2001, unless they're actually putting in the effort to model all the gore stuff. But something tells me they want to avoid gory GTAs now. Maybe we'll still have decapitations, but not with huge blood fountains. Or who knows, maybe we're lucky.

VC dialogues are probably still censored.
Originally posted by ForbeZ:
Pretty sure it will be through the RGL and not through Steam or Epic otherwise, why even specify only through the RGL as the PC Storefront specifically?
That's exactly what we were already talking about. It COULD mean that it will be an RGL exclusive. But the game MIGHT also come out on other launchers later (which is what I believe), or maybe even at release (though this is less likely).
Oct 14 @ 9:59am
I'd say an extended draw distance, merged island maps (no loading screens on bridges), unlocked frame rates, and other new enhancements (more pedestrians?) could make a pretty big difference. And I don't think those things could be modded, at least not all of them. Also, some other things could simply be better than in existing mods.
Of course we'll have to wait and see if this is actually the case.
Oct 14 @ 7:02am
They've only mentioned RGL so far, but Steam might still come later. Although I'm sure RGL will still be required.
Oct 14 @ 5:09am
In topic How the hell am I supposed to do this?
Originally posted by V I D A L:
Not sure if that is true. I have it on PS4 and there is no such thing as "PS4 version". It's just straight up PS2 emulation. The PS2 logo even pop up when you load up the game.
The only thing they did on that version is to add trophies.
But maybe they did edit the game a bit to remove those shotguns? Or I've read something else and now I'm just confused. It would still be a possibility in the remaster.
Oct 14 @ 3:00am
In topic How the hell am I supposed to do this?
Originally posted by TracerHD:
♥♥♥♥ game.
Flawed, but not s***.

Originally posted by V I D A L:
I hope they tweak this on the remaster and you can do these missions whenever you want.
I think I've heard that the PS4 version has removed the mafiosi's shotguns so they only have uzis and maybe pistols, and some people who claim to have insider knowledge about the Definitive Edition say it's the same there.
Of course it's not unlikely that they're lying, but it still sounds like a plausible solution, especially if the PS4 bit is correct.
Originally posted by V I D A L:
See how they also didn't specify other store fronts? They didn't say PSN, they didn't say Xbox live... will it get physical release on consoles or digital only?
This argument doesn't really work. Sure, they didn't clarify how the Trilogy will be released on consoles (digitally/physically), but they DID clarify how it will be released on PC (RGL).
Of course it doesn't necessarily mean that it will never be on Steam, but the implication leans towards an RGL exclusive, at least a timed one. They would never explicitly say "the Trilogy will not release on Steam". We'll have to wait and see.
Oct 8 @ 3:43am
In topic when will this be out of beta?
Revolution was made by fans. Croteam only "finished" it. Fusion is already made by Croteam, and they're busy with other stuff, so nothing will happen here in the foreseeable future.
Oct 5 @ 8:36am
In topic Micro freezes
It runs perfectly for me, so I can't help you with this.
Oct 5 @ 7:14am
In topic Micro freezes
First time I've heard this. Solo or online? The game stutters heavily for clients. No idea what it is if you're playing offline.
Oct 5 @ 3:12am
In topic Micro freezes
What do you mean by "micro freezes"? What happens? When does it happen? Be more specific, otherwise nobody can help you, and nobody wants to.
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