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Adonitology Sep 14 @ 11:43am 
He flash me then we lost. But when he enemy, he flash me and still lost :steamhappy: +rep
bot putin Jul 10 @ 6:29am 
have a proposition for you. My name's aleks. im 16. last year, i tried to cash out a ww fire serpent on some dodgy gambling site. i lost all my money. roughly 600$ aud. i kknow youll probbly never read this, or even consider my offer, but is there anything you can give me for free? Im 16, i work on weekends as a referee, making only about 70$ a week. anyway, cheerios!
Blister Jul 4 @ 10:51am 
Report and avoid this player, he's an account buyer.
Ameizin Jul 1 @ 12:21am 
gaming advice #1 you cant buy skills
Silatrak Jun 8 @ 2:25pm 
added for a trade
Ghokus May 17 @ 5:38am 
yo dude, send me a friend request, lets play together