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MP9 #2 Float Bulldozer FN
M4a4 Radiation Hazard FN (LGB Kato 14 Holo)

SOUVENIR - ALL First Edition Souvenir Drops (Dreamhack 2013)

Souv M4a1-S Nitro MW (Blue Snowflake Foil)
Souv Glock Candy Apple FN (Shooter Foil)
Souv Glock Candy Apple FN (LGB Kato 14 Holo)
Souv P250 Metallic DDPAT FN (Blue Snowflake Foil)
Souv P250 Boreal Forest FN (Blue Snowflake Foil)
Souv Nova Candy Apple FN (Blue Snowflake Foil)

Looking for:
All StatTrak™ Crimson Web FN DONE - 2/13/15
Screenshot Showcase
Collection - 8/4/14 (1/2)
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--BBaaD_BuNnY-- Jul 13 @ 12:21pm 
i want to ask you some personal things i dont want to buy anything or trade
{NOR}Xonic52ツ Jun 29 @ 10:48pm 
interested in trade i have some odd expensive skins
Abedcfgシ Jun 27 @ 2:17am how much is this worth? can you accept friend request please...
Abedcfgシ Jun 27 @ 1:55am 
added for ask price of knife with metjm screenshot
CaptainTaz Jun 23 @ 11:44pm 
Bagoo Jun 16 @ 12:53am 
add for trade