The best average Spy main and the best French accent you'll ever hear. I get upset and I hate everything.
Can merc in prem/plat, feel free to ask !

Super secret quotes :

Hawwis: caboose eats garbage
Hawwis: he produces poop
Hawwis: poop is burnt as biofuel
Hawwis: caboose = infinite energy

Gerry the caboose: The other day i was throwing out the gsrbage
Gerry the caboose: And i literally said out loud garbage in danny devittos voice

Commander prostate: thats the gayest thing ive ever heard or seen
Commander prostate: and ive watched gay people piss in each others mouthes

I am that duck: Id be willing to become a genius to get an internstional reward just so that when they tell me to do a speech i just say bazinga and moonwalk away
I am that duck: Even if it meant to lose my penis

Silence of the glans: I havent fpaped in 4 days
Silence of the glans: Id fuck a squirrel if we had them in jotdan

Must have lost my wits: My luck is so shit
Must have lost my wits: If i swam through a river of vaginas
Must have lost my wits: Id come out with a dick up my ass

Zack: Id be the best yugioh main cheacater
Zack: Id just buy a gun
Zack: Tey try dueling me to the shadow realm
Zack: I shoot them
Zack: Because bullet defeats cardboard

Color bleeds to my eyes: Dick is made of sponge like material
Color bleeds to my eyes: If i paint it yellow i can call it spongeknob

17:48 - Caboose: I dont celebrate the birth of santa
17:48 - Caboose: He tpuched me
17:49 - Caboose: And didnt even wait for me to cum
17:49 - Caboose: Fucking cunt

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Competitive History :

UGC []

• HL S16 Iron 2nd Place (Malicious Medicine)
• HL S17 Steel Participant (Mom's Spaghetti)
• HL S18 Steel Participant (Mom's Spaghetti)
• HL S19 Steel Participant (BEENEST!)
• HL S20 Steel 1st Place (BEENEST!)
• HL S21 Silver 3rd Place (BEENEST!)
• HL S22 Platinum Participant (Fruit Salad)
• 6s S22 Steel 3rd Place (Bear Naked Baby Lady)

ETF2L []

• Highlander Open #2 Tournament 1st Place (Presents Including Erections)
• HL Mid S11 Participant (Frosted Flakes NIGGA DAMN!)
• HL Mid S12 Participant (NORLY's Rockets Love You)
• HL Mid S13 1st Place (Selective Attention)
• HL High S14 1st Place (Budget Toucans)
• HL Prem S15 Participant (Budget Toucans)
• 6s Low S27 Participant (Aeterna)

I clean my friends list sometimes. If I removed you and you want to add me back, go ahead.

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Why am i like 90% of secret quotes
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Fuck you nolifer i dont like you cuz ur black
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Kaeaeae Apr 24 @ 2:36am 
Is almights quirk just him getting an erection but for his entire body??