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Posted: Jul 16, 2018 @ 11:30am
Updated: Nov 16, 2018 @ 2:09pm

OK. This software is extremely underrated!

Yes - you have to pay for it, Yes - you would probably force yourself to buy additional dlc's if you want to squeeze more for less. BUT!

So far I used GameMaker Studio and ClickteamFusion and I made some games with them. None, but NONE of these two give me that feeling of accomplishment! Don't know for you, I am 31 years old and I grow up with games that were made from ground up, without using pre-made templates, plugins to save you from coding and that sort of things.

Don't take me wrong, I am a visual type of person and I thought that I will never get used to coding, without option to drag and drop things in the viewport.

I have to tell you that after using AppGameKit coding language (which is similiar to Basic and easy to understand), nothing, I repeat, NOTHING gave me such a clear image of what is going on in my game. No matter how much absurd this sounds, but typing my game line by line is giving me incredible picture in which direction I am moving and where I am making mistakes. If you already use some of visual programming engines you probably found yourself already in a dead end, because you can't understand why some things are not functioning the way you want. Not only that AppGameKit will teach you how to think like a real game programmer, but it will also give you some answers what your previous drag and drop game engines were actually doing behind your back. In AppGameKit you are starting from the basics and then you are "leveling up". With other engines you are getting something powerful that is not so easy to control - Because you are missing elementary knowledge of how game code should work.

There is a visual editor dlc for this program (and it's pricey) but there is no way I am gonna take it. Typing coordinates of my sprites in code editor, sorting them in layers with programming functions is such a joy for me! I am participating in my creation at every step, I have a feeling that everything is under my control!

In terms of speed this thing is extremely fast. Don't know how, but compiling and executing your code is fast as a bullet! Also, time I need to write my game here is not slower from making a game from drag and drop software, simply because in AppGameKit I can faster notice an error than in other programs where you have no idea what is happening in the background.

If you want to make 2D games of any genre, and you already have some previous knowledge in game making, AppGameKit will help you achieve a lot with very little struggling. Solving problems here is like a puzzle game,and it's vert rewarding in the end!

If you decide to invest in this software, please invest in OfficialTutorialGuides Vol1 and Vol2 as well. Community on forum is really big and helpful, however these two books are going to give you answers on everything you want and you need to know about AppGameKit.

Oh, did I mention that AppGameKit can make 3D games as well? ;)
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Developer response:
Rick  [developer] Posted: Sep 12, 2018 @ 1:54am
Thanks for your review. With AppGameKit you only have to pay for the main application and you are then free to develop and export apps cross platform. Unlike other game development tools we don't charge a monthly subscription or royalty. The DLCs are all optional and we do offer these on discount many times through the year.