☠Ƥʂұçħớ ŘêἁḺm☠
Oleg   Troy, Michigan, United States
Russian badass and mofo!

Skial Community [www.skial.com]
undeniably fat 20/mai/2013 às 17:52 
pretty cool dude
Donald Goatse 18/jan/2013 às 3:47 
Hit me up next time your on to collect your raffle prize.
MV Warrior 31/ago/2012 às 14:06 
You've won! Trade me when I am online, please! :)
Arky 21/ago/2012 às 23:26 
Hai Psycho~
ingame 21/jul/2012 às 4:01 
Hello! I wish to invite you to my private Steam group for valued buyers & friends: ingameshop

Benefits of Joining My Steam Group:
1. Another quick and easy way to contact me for items
2. In case you are removed from my friend's list by accident, you can send me a group pm to re-add you immediately
3. Special offers available only to my group members

Thank you for being my buyer & friend :) Have a great day!
Yodog0115 9/jun/2012 às 10:23 
very fast trader +rep