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Phurcy 10 hours ago 
Someday when I get my computer fixed and I’m not going through my depressive phases, should we do something? Maybe like gmod, tf2, etc? It’s been a while and I’ve been thinking of our old times and I really was just in the mood to talk to you more or do other things.It should just be you and I. I’ll message you once I fix my computer, cya later Stephen. //^-^//
LowFive Nov 10 @ 1:32pm 
I'm already Genji
LowFive Oct 27 @ 7:49pm 
Attention W h o r e :snicker:
Phurcy Oct 22 @ 9:38pm 
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww cutie UwU
{GPG} Stephen Oct 22 @ 9:25pm 
forever and always
{GPG} Stephen Oct 22 @ 9:24pm 
I remember you