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Strongly recommended!

This may be one of the best platformers i ever played. The controls are responsive and very satisfying, there is a lot to discover in this game, interesting stage layout and a cool upgrade tree. The ost is awesome, really adds to slashing and jumping yourself through the various obstacles that come along.

Further info about this game's content (contains Spoilers):
The game starts off as a linear 8bit 2d platformer, and later turns into a 16-bit metroidvania where you have to revisit completed stages in different time eras to search for secret items in order to unlock the final stage.
It also comes with a FREE dlc which adds another 3 levels in parallel universe.

If you like these kind of games, try it - you wont be dissapointed!
Posted February 9. Last edited February 9.
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To answer the most important question first: Would i recommend this game without restrictions to my friends? No, I wouldn't. Play The Messenger instead.

Let me explain why. The biggest enemy in this game is gonna be the controls itself. I am not quite sure what they were thinking when they designed the blocking mechanic (tapping the dpad once in the direction of the incoming projectile). If you design a game arount this, then it has to be reliable, and this mechanic is the opposite of that. Most of the time, you just end up running into the projectile by trying to block it, completely defeating the purpose. So you rather opt in to try dodging, since this actually works most of the time.
The button layout itself is also not quite as good as it could be. Most buttons on the Gamepad aren't used at all. Throwing shurikens for example is bound on up+attack. Trying to do this while steering your way through tight platforming sections is impossible, since you cannot press 2 opposite directions on the dpad at the same time.

The difficulty curve is quite steep, and you end up playing the same sections over and over and over again, since savepoints are as rare as health refills in the later stages.

The story is meh, i didn't perceive it as very interesting yet it also isn't bad. I just didn't feel i build a connection with any character at all.

The replayability is also not there for me. Rather than cheering for yourself for beating another stage after hours of trying, you end up just being relieved that it's finally over.

There is a lot more to say, yet i try to keep it short and focused on the (for me) most important points.
So IF you like difficult games, you have a high frustration tolerance and a GOOD controller (like a ds4), you can give it a try. If you just look for a fun platformer, with matured and responsive controls, try The Messenger instead.
Posted January 28. Last edited February 6.
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Warning, highly addictive! If you cannot decide to play either minecraft or left 4 dead, this game is the right one for you.

For reals tho: Give it a try, you'll like it :>
Posted January 2. Last edited January 2.
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cheaters cheaters cheaters

edit: since the inclusion of easy anti cheat, the cheater problem appears to be solved. Since the game is fair now:
It is a really fun party game. If you like Takeshi's Castle and the Mario Party minigames, you'll like this game as well :>
Posted September 13, 2020. Last edited September 15, 2020.
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cheaters cheaters cheaters. i didn't come here to be the janitor
Posted December 19, 2010. Last edited February 20.
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