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Please read my note first.
If you make me an offer, please write for what, dont post it without saying anything.
i would prefer you make me an offer and then i can counter offer if needed.

i appreciate if you send me an offer by using this link - https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=395329489&token=GbxyWucm

You can add me on steam but i cant guarntee that you will be accepted. So it would be better if you send me an offer or just leave a comment what would you like to trade. i think its easier and faster for both sides.
Everything in my CSGO inventory is for trade, so feel free to offer.

Some screenshots of my items are in my profile.
Feel free to inspect or ask any information about my items!

:reddanger: Helpful links about me: :reddanger:

:anonymous: My Steam Profile
:anonymous: My Steam Group
:anonymous: My Trade Offer URL
:anonymous: My Steam Rep [steamrep.com]
:anonymous: Steamladder [www.steamladder.com]

:reddanger: Social Media: :reddanger:

:camera10: YouTube

:reddanger: Skin Market: :reddanger:

:CashDollar: Buy skins to the best price at SkinBaron [skinbaron.de]

:reddanger: How to make sure that you deal with real me :reddanger:

:ok_ay:1) I have only 2 links which you can use to contact with me:
:exclamationball: http://steamcommunity.com/id/progamerut_eisriese/
:exclamationball: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198355595217
:exclamationball: So make sure that you use one of these links.

:ok_ay:2) Check that my account info matches:
:exclamationball: 350 lvl steam.
:exclamationball: Joined Steam 2017-01-01

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My old Love! <3
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+Rep Good Guy , Plays Well In cs go
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The most important poet in the seventeenth century was George
Wither. Alexander Pope called him "wretched Wither" and Dryden said of his
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In our own time, "The Dictionary of National Biography" notes that his
work "is mainly remarkable for its mass, fluidity and flatness. It usually
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