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good music right here
and here too


eyyy I make all thos musicccc yoooo

Do your best! Do your best! Do it everyday day! Always do your bessst!!

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I like all those music genres mannn

MY FAV ALBUMS (only one of the tracks per album, check out the full albums on YT or Spotify)
Justice - Cross
SebastiAn - Total (Album cover is the artist kissing himself; it's photoshopped.)
V V No links for the ones below V V
SebastiAn - Remixes
Katerine - Magnum
Justice - Woman
Breakbot - By Your Side
Charlotte Gainsbourg - Rest
Caravan Palace - Caravan Palace / Panic / Robot Face (Can't single them out, all 3 are good)
Danger - 09/14 2007
Mr.Oizo - Lambs Anger

I'm very open minded. Recommend me games to play, I'm really bored with the ones I have. Please and thanks.

Also ples join group thanks: "#StopAllAbuse"
eat ur fukn greens mate Apr 7 @ 8:51pm 
+rep is against animal abuse
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+rep because I like to eat♥♥♥♥♥and ♥♥♥♥♥ and he does it too :)
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are you my real dad?
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