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TF2Center: Dr. Doctor was banned from this lobby by cake dip
rspt prodigal: the man's a doctor, why do you have to treat him like that
rspt prodigal: what is this, united airlines
smh eat a dick: nice meme

*DEAD* {Pk} Heavenly Tensai : its all prodigals fault
*DEAD* {Pk} Heavenly Tensai : he's a fucking ugc plat spy

*DEAD* noko : he did it AGAIN

*DEAD* Jeffehhhhh : dude obvious bot is obvious
Jeffehhhhh : prodigal has aim
Osvoldon : he is legit
Jeffehhhhh : lol
Jeffehhhhh : he does insane 180 flicks

--)YawgMoss(-- : prod u hacking?
SpencerTheWarrior99 : do you know the difference between skill and hacks?

*DEAD* Gloomy : pyp is definetly cheating now

Fabrix : suspicious
Fabrix : pyp is good but he has no hats or cosmetic
Fabrix : who on red thinks pyp is hacking?

pyp.prodigal : As a Spy, avoid being detected by enemies.
*DEAD* urnotnick | Trade.TF : HAX
urnotnick | Trade.TF : HOW THE HECK DID U DO THAT

*DEAD* Mr.Bucket ASCENDED : how tf am i getting dominated by you???

pyp.prodigal : As a Spy, avoid being detected by enemies.

*DEAD* Pizza Hut 5$ Deal : aimbot
*DEAD* Pizza Hut 5$ Deal : lmabox

*DEAD* █▀█ █▄█ ▀█▀ : KICK HIM BLU

*DEAD* KappsLoch : that ADAD tho

=E-J=Skulk : dafuk
(TEAM) prodigal : ded

Wiggilyworm : not surprized, really...
Cammie-Chan : gg
*DEAD* Emideth : that was gay
Zahldar : Pocket pyro wins the day!

*DEAD* Cat : dumb nigger pyro main

*DEAD* Sandor_Clegane : whore spy

*DEAD* Oglethu : fucking hacking cunt

Hom : yo dude u hack

*DEAD* Oglethu : oh great a hacking sniper

*DEAD* Hom : why is this hacking sniper missing so much?
*DEAD* Hom : hmmmm

prodigal killed Wonkaticket with tf_projectile_pipe.
*DEAD* Wonkaticket : i think ur hacking
*DEAD* Wonkaticket : such a fuking hacker
*DEAD* >>DS<< Bellic : who?
>>DS<< Bellic : who's hacking
*DEAD* Wonkaticket : prod
Wonkaticket : its easy to tell with pills

*DEAD* Armani2512 : Wtf dude
Armani2512 : How the fuck did you know Iw as there
Armani2512 : Fucking hacks

*DEAD* Ubermensch : jesus this fucking pyro lmao
*DEAD* Ubermensch : this pyro gives me fucking asthma

prodigal : As a Spy, avoid being detected by enemies.
*DEAD* Skab : fuck my life
*DEAD* Skab : how
*DEAD* Skab : what
*DEAD* Skab : 38 fucking health

*DEAD* SOLDAT DE CHRISTVS : ok hes hacking
SOLDAT DE CHRISTVS : no way to know im there
Rainbowshy249 : how the hell
*DEAD* SOLDAT DE CHRISTVS : australia is hacking
Rocko's Modern MLG : How?
SOLDAT DE CHRISTVS : are you that dumb?
UltraJenkins : nah i've been hitting him jus fine
SOLDAT DE CHRISTVS : you realize you can shoot hackers right?
SOLDAT DE CHRISTVS : you are that dumb
UltraJenkins : lol raaaage
Rocko's Modern MLG : Australia is a hacker

prodigal killed KingCourier with degreaser.
*DEAD* KingCourier : NIGGER

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01:08:46 dogeiestdoge: why do you think im black
01:08:54 dogeiestdoge: where am i supposed to power my comp
01:08:56 dogeiestdoge: in africa
01:09:14 prodigal: i mean, you could be of ugandan or kenyan descent
01:09:15 Sholvo: I imagine some flinstones♥♥♥♥♥shit
01:09:32 prodigal: and live someplace where electrical outlets are highly accessible
01:09:38 dogeiestdoge: have some half dog half dinosaur hybrid runniong on a tradmill outside
01:09:50 Voyager: lol
01:09:58 dogeiestdoge: yea prodigial, cotton doesnt power gtx 970s
01:10:03 Sholvo: screen is small animals acting out the game realtime
01:10:24 Sholvo: lil birdguy dressed up as demo
01:10:34 dogeiestdoge: medic could be a un soldier
01:10:41 prodigal: i don't think i mentioned cotton
01:10:43 dogeiestdoge: wit the blue hat