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Top of the line survival game for single player or co-op sessions alike.

Valheim does a damn near perfect job of guiding you towards constant progress without holding your hand. It's procedurally generated world keeps you adventuring and searching for ruins, crypts and treasure time after another. Continuous skill progress is awarded by pretty much everything you do, crafting is intuitive and new recipes are gradually being discovered as you find new materials to craft with. It doesn't let you to just swim towards the next area, but forces you to evaluate your stamina - crossing longer distances by swimming is more often than not going to claim your life.

It's amazing how little there is to improve, especially as we are talking about an Early Access game that just popped out for sale, but here are the few ones I could come up with;

- Movement in stairs and steep hills feels glitchy - especially in ruins where I find it quite stupid, that the skeletons can't scale down a tiny step in order to get in range of an attack.

- Skills don't provide enough motivation to "grind" experience on them. There are no unlocks or anything special attached to them, just a slowly generating passive bonus to damage for example. Hence, one can easily lose interest in the whole skill system and just let it roll in the background.

- Combat would benefit from simple indicators. Creatures of Valheim are quite simple minded, yet I'm constantly getting hit by surprise if I'm not being over protective with my shield up. A little heads-up from an incoming attack would make the combat more interesting.

- Looting corpses should be quicker/automatic. It's taking quite a long time for the death animation to happen and as you have to walk over (or press E) the loot that drops AFTER the death animation, you will need to take an unnecessary stop for a moment.

As Valheim gives us a huge world to explore and survive through, I must conclude my review for now. I will however keep updating this as I progress.

At this stage of development and for the low price tag of this game, you can expect a few minor bugs here and there, but so far I've not encountered anything game breaking. Valheim is audio-visually stunning and a lot of fun - I can only give my highest of recommendations!
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