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Stats & Info
PC Specs
- CPU: Intel Core i7-9700KK
- GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
- RAM: Corsair Dominator DDR4 16GB
- HD: Samsung EVO 970 PRO, Seagate Barracuda 4TB
- PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 650 G2
- Cooling: Corsair H100i

- Mouse: Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum
- Keyboard: Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 RAPIDFIRE
- Monitor: Dell S2716DG
- Camera: Logitech C920
- OS: Windows 10 Pro
- Headset: Audio-Technica ATH-ADG1X
- Gamepad: Xbox One Elite Controller
- HMD: Oculus Rift + Oculus Touch
- Capture Device: Elgato HD60 Pro
- Chair: Secretlabs Omega 2020 Stealth

- Xbox One X
- PlayStation 4
- Nintendo Switch
- New Nintendo 3DS XL

Xbox LIVE: prjkthack
PlayStation Network: prjkt_hack
Nintendo Network: prjkthack
3DS: 0259 0600 4745
Nintendo Switch: 4451 4637 3512
Steam: prjkthack
Blizzard: prjkthack#1640
Origin: prjkthack
Uplay: prjkthack
Oculus: prjkthack
Guild Wars 2: prjkthack.4529
Final Fantasy XIV: Vaalyn Ashkevron (Leviathan)
Discord: prjkthack#8675
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st4gs 28 MAY 2018 a las 8:10 p. m. 
The goodest boy in the history of all good boys. Has the most good boy points of all time. He deserves all tendes on earth.
Mr.Assists 22 OCT 2012 a las 4:30 p. m. 
You are on a lot of gaming network than i could imagine , lol.